The Problems caused by lost Tooth and How Dental Implants can help?

Most adults have thirty two teeth in their mouth. The four wisdom teeth are removed often because they do not grow in proper alignment due to lack of space. It is quite unusual to have wisdom teeth restored. However, the other twenty eight teeth have their own functions and are required. The jaw, mouth, and teeth are designed to operate together. When a tooth is lost, the whole function and efficiency diminishes and suffers. When you miss your tooth it is not just the tooth you lose, you lose ability to chew food properly. There also possibilities you might eliminate some food which you cannot chew, this can lead to digestive difficulty.

This is why most dentists suggest dental implants Melbourne that look and function so natural, and it restores the entire function of the teeth. Let us know have a look at this in detail.

What are the problems caused by a missing tooth?

Missing Teeth affect your Smile!

When you lose your teeth especially if they are from the visible area of your mouth when you smile you may feel ashamed and self-conscious. Loss of front tooth can negatively impact your overall appearance, your courage, and self-esteem. In modern society, an attractive and bright smile is often seen as a sign of beauty and health. Losing your teeth can be the most awful experience.

Many people claim that missing teeth has become a significant issue in their life even when taking photos at a wedding or other social locations.

Don’t ignore missing back teeth!

When it is lost, it can set in a chain of movements which can eventually affect other teeth and jaw function. The adjacent teeth trying to fill the gap made by the missed tooth can negatively impact your bite – it a condition called malocclusion. Many patients seek doctors’ help only after they find their front teeth start to move or chip. It is worth getting affordable dental implants cost Melbourne early, for the lost back teeth can avoid damage to front teeth. You can also save a considerable sum in the long run.

Difficulty in Eating!

One of the major factors in losing teeth is losing the ability to eat certain foods. You may find yourself looking at the menu in order to decide on the foods which you can eat rather than those you want to eat. Depending on the location of your lost teeth, you may have to change your diet. For instance, back teeth play a significant role while consuming meat as it involves a lot of chewing, biting a whole Apple may not be possible if you have lost your front teeth!

How can cheap dental implants Melbourne help?

Dental implants are the permanent replacement for missing tooth roots. They are the next big thing to a natural and healthy state. Once the implants are in place, they preserve bone and stimulate regular bone growth helping you to eat your favourite food and flaunt your happy smile. They are fixed in place and fuse naturally to the bone giving you all the confidence your natural teeth gives.

The author is a dentist. With a highly experienced and skilled team, he provides a pain-free dental implant experience to his patients. For details about dental implants Melbourne visit

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