The Perfect Toppings for a Non-Veg Pizza

How can one not fall for a cheesy delight that is topped with succulent meat and tangy sauces? Pizza is one of the most popular, classic Italian dishes that never fail to tantalise our taste foods. Even the pickiest eater would love to eat pizza. You can find different variations of pizza in different countries, regions, and pizza restaurant Mascot, the aroma of a freshly baked homemade pizza is unmatched! From making the perfect base and adding the toppings of crunchy veggies, juicy meat, and tantalising sauces, to baking at the right temperature, the process of making a delightful pizza is interesting in itself.

If you are a non-vegetarian, you know the taste of biting into soft, succulent, juicy meat atop a cheesy pizza. Yeah, heavenly taste! To satisfy your taste buds, we have compiled some of the best toppings for a non-veg pizza. Whether you are making it at home or ordering from the pizza delivery Mascot, you should try these toppings.


If you choose to add salami for topping on your pizza, it gives a salty, meaty, and smoky flavour to your taste buds. Salami’s moist and chewiness will make you addicted to its crunchy and unique flavour that will remain on your mouth even after eating. Yeah, that smoky, juicy flavour along with the melting cheese. Who wouldn’t want salami at the top of the pizza?


Cured Pork is referred to as Bacon. While it is salty and sweet when it is raw, it is a smoky and crunchy topping after baking. It adds the right crunchiness and crispiness you are expecting in your pizza. Every bite of pizza topped with bacon could be crunchy and delicious. Also, it adds a salty flavour to your pizza.


It is also pork but a different kind. It could be either smoked or salted and gives the pizza a juicy texture and flavour. Cheese and ham is the most popular combination to be topped on a pizza. In fact, many love this combination as it is delicious. Besides, it is one of the best protein choices that could be added to your pizza. When compared to other forms of meat and beef, it has low-fat content.


This could be a treat and delicious delight if you are a lover of flavour as it has a range of flavours within it. You can also add use crumbled sausages for the pizza. Every non-vegan loves to eat sausage pizza and you must try it out.


It is the mixture of beef and cured pork. Pepperoni is the best pizza in Mascot among non-vegans.

The topping choices for pizza are endless as long as you are ready to try something new. The next time when you order pizza, try these toppings.

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