The new BMW X7 – Should you buy?

As a three-row SUV, the new BMW X7 offers a lot more than a roomy cabin. It is packed with quality materials and high-end features. Besides, it has some solid choices when it comes to the powertrain. The BMW X7 is built with luxury in mind, and people can feel privileged as they get to ride around the town in this full-size SUV.

What’s New with the new BMW X7?

The major upgrade is that, there is an option now to drive the new X7 that has more than 500hp. The M50i trim comes with a fantastic 523hp engine, which has more power than most of us would ever dream of having in our SUVs.

Minor updates in the X7 are related to small amenities that could make a big difference in overall luxury and convenience. For example, the trims on the top now have soft-close doors. These features certainly add up to the grandeur of the SUV.

Top Reasons to look out for the best BMW X7 new car deals:

Quick Acceleration:

The new X7, powered by at least 335 hp can pick up speed in a very short time. Going from zero to 60 miles/hour can take less than 6 seconds.

Most people may not get to much high speeds in such a short time. But some would love it.

The touch screen is Easy to Read:

Measuring 12.3 inches, the touch screen is excellent and feels apt in X7. It has vivid colours along with the clear and visible text. The system can accept a variety of voice commands, and the screen is responsive to gentle touches.

Advanced Technology:

Navigation is standard on the new BMW X7. As the shortest way between two points is not always a direct path, it can be useful to have this feature especially in the areas where traffic is unpredictable. Besides navigation, the X7 also has standard satellite radio, HD radio, and Apple Car Play.

Many Storage Opportunities

The dedicated storage area at the rear end of the new BMW X7 is 12.8 cubic feet. This provides a good amount of space for nearly all everyday needs. Furthermore, when the last row is folded, there are 48.6 cubic feet. It further increases to 90.4 cubic feet when both rows are folded.

Moreover, the power-operated third-row and the hands-free power liftgate make it more convenient to access the back of the X7. To open the lift-gate, all you should do is, kick the sensor in the backside of the X7 and with the push of a button, the third row fold.

So have you decided to buy the new X7? Look out for the best new BMW X7 offers now!

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