The Most Popular Italian Dishes that Your Kid’s Would Love to Have

Italian dishes are kid-pleasers. When you choose the best pizza restaurant in Vancouver for dinner or brunch, you can find the best Italian dishes on the menu that satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Here we’ve listed some of the most popular Italian dishes that will please your kid’s palate.


According to recent research data, pasta consumption in children is associated with a better diet quality than that of children who do not eat pasta. It’s a good source of energy for your kids. From macaroni to penne, there are different pasta shapes and varieties to try on, and at the same time, your kids can have it with any sauce.

Italian Style Pizza

Pizza is incredibly delicious, and a single slice is more than enough to convince little kids. Neapolitan, an Italian style pizza, is a great hit among kids. It’s made from wheat-based dough to form a thin-crust and topped with cheese, tomatoes, and any toppings you’d like. Due to its popularity among kids of all ages, pizza is considered the best Italian dish for kids. So, order pizza online in Vancouver the next time you want to relax with your kids on the weekend.


Lasagna is another kid’s favourite, and you can find it easily in all the Italian restaurants in Vancouver. It tastes great when made using fresh pasta and is served along with sauces. Tomatoes and minced meat must be a compulsory ingredient to make lasagna the best Italian dish for kids. If your child loves vegan options, you can go for polenta, a traditional Italian food made using corn.


It’s a green sauce made with olive oil, crushed basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts and finely grated parmesan cheese. It can be used as a dip or eaten along with pasta dishes.


Gelato is a typical Italian ice cream that’s served as balls in a wafer cone or cup and comes in different colours and flavours. One of the most popular flavours of gelato is the chocolate flavour, and the next popular is Stracciatella, which is vanilla ice-cream sprinkled with chocolate pieces.


Tiramisu, made with wafer rolls and filled with sweet cream, is usually served as a dessert. It can be made even sweeter by adding chocolate sauce or a fruit topping.

Italian dishes are famous for their taste, variety, and authentic ingredients. Kids also love Italian dishes like pizza and pasta for their unique taste and flavour. The next time you visit an Italian restaurant, make sure to order these kids’ favourite to make them happy. Visit for pizza delivery in Vancouver.

The author of this article is a leading food blogger with a great love for Italian dishes. In this article, he lists the most popular kids-friendly Italian dishes. Visit, the best pizza restaurant in Vancouver for more information.

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