The Many Benefits of Granite Flooring

Finally, you have decided to replace your floors with granite. Well, the decision to remodel your floor is going to pay off. Yes, trust us. As a leading supplier of granite slabs in Sydney, we have seen many homeowners who were sceptical about choosing granite for their home are now glad and feel that this is one of the best things they have done to their home. Hence, you’ll never regret your choice.

Whether you are remodelling or constructing a new floor, here are five benefits of granite flooring:-

Exceptionally Durable

It’s the granite’s durability makes it an excellent option for flooring. If you are expecting significant foot traffic in spaces, there is no better option than granite. As long as you use the right sealer and cleaner, your granite flooring can last a lifetime. Granite is also scratch and heat resistant.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Over the last few years, the popularity of granite flooring has skyrocketed due to its classic look and great designs. Granite is not only an excellent choice for floors, but also bathrooms, kitchen countertops, and much more. Of course, granite is not the cheapest flooring options, but granites look beautiful and elegant and are also hardwearing.

Moreover, it comes in a range of colours, including blue, red, black, grey, taupe, or white. Some granite can be flecked with any of these colours which give the stone a multi-dimensional and unique appeal. Granite adds a warm tone to your home, which gives the space character and sophistication.


The granite slabs in Sydney is an eco-friendly material that doesn’t affect our mother earth. This is one of the major reasons why eco-conscious homeowners choose to install marble floors and countertops despite its high cost.

Resistance to water and moisture

Water and moisture can damage the flooring and leads to expensive repairs. If the granite is properly sealed, it is resistant to moisture and water. Do not use bleach or ammonia or any cleaning solutions with solvents as it will remove the sealant.

Add value to the property

While granite is not the cheapest option, the value it adds to the property is instant. You can get good deals when your house is put on sale.

Of course, granite is a significant investment. But, it offers a plethora of benefits than other natural stones like marble and quartz.

Whether you are looking for granite or marble slabs in Sydney, we got you covered. Call us today for more details.

NihilRawal is a director of Avant Stone, the leading granite supplier in Sydney. To find out more about natural stone slabs, visit

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