The JBL Flip 4 Review In 2021 | Complete review


The JBL Flip 4 is a more mature product that delivers a better-balanced sound than its predecessor Flip 3. However, its bass delivery is still a bit weak and here UE Wonderboom plays better. However, the JBL Flip 4 offers great resolution, and the sound signature is melody and warm.

If you like your audio for a more neutral sound, JBL Flip 4 UE will impress you more than Wonderboom.

It also offers Aux connectivity, speakers phone, and full waterproofing, and like UE Boom 2, another 100 flip 4G can be claimed simultaneously through the mobile app.

Playing only for the slightly more expensive second fiddle UE Wonderboom and the lack of a good boss is very commendable.

JBL FLIP 4 Detailed Description:

Portable speakers have long been a much-needed gadget for us.

Since speakers began incorporating wireless connectivity and a compact look, the leading audio companies have become more diverse in this space and these speakers have reached some late stage. Hand Point – JBL Flip Series.

With competitors with different variants of the Bose Soundlink Mini lineup, Creatives Sound Blaster Roar Series, and Alarm by Boom and Roll.

Has earned a reputation as one of the best portable speakers below. 10,000 Its flip lineup, the latest rendering of the JBL Flip 4 is now in India and is priced at Rs. 8,599. But, this is not an unprecedented offering.

All of its competitors are now offering attractive options and over time, buyers have become even more discreet in terms of their own audio products.

With all this in mind, does JBL Flip 4 have to be one of the best speakers in this hottest competitive segment?


JBL Flip 4 has a new pair of drivers, and as long as the memory helps, it feels better than the old Flip 3. The bass output and loud overall sound have been improved to improve the two basic elements for the Flip 4.

It’s a new bass radiator, making the bass sound cleaner and fuller. However, the audio balance is still not perfect.

The low-frequency virtues are still very low, which I personally like and it negatively affects heavy tracks.

So, if you are listening to Mr. Big Song or Red Hot Chili Peppers song, you should not be a little disappointed because it takes a lot of fun from the attached bass tracks.

The low-frequency range is very tight and consistent to accommodate reproduction.

Similarly, it feels much more neutral than the pricey Lost Airs Wonderboom and leads to wider tracks that seem more natural.

For example, Pink Floyd’s 1970 works were very well produced. The maid is clean and well-emphasized and has a distinctive sweetness that makes JBL Flip 4 really enjoyable.

The peaks also retain the sweetness and are very precise. They do not sting or make a trembling noise, which makes the perfect hot-roll shine.

However, UE Wonderboom produces better audio balance than the JBL Flip 4.

As we mentioned in our review, UE Wonderboom actually produces exceptionally good bass for its price and does not compromise on mids and highs.

Also, it maintains sweetness in its sound signature and both Flip 4 and Wonderboom have enough warmth and richness in audio for good sound.

Comparatively, Wonderbaum will appeal to more listeners of rock, foul-mouth, and heavy metal, while the more savvy EDM, metal, soft rock, and other vocal-heavy styles will prefer the Flip 4.

With its circular design, JBL Flip 4 produces good omnidirectional audio output.

It conforms to the latest trends in the production of circular speakers and it does not help you to worry about how it will keep your speakers at the party.

The JBL Flip 4 also feels bright, and loud volume levels can be as large as 450sq.ft in the living room.

Impressively, the audio does not distort more than 85 percent of the volume level and this is an area that has surpassed the surprisingly clean Wonderboom.

Architecture and Design:

The JBL Flip 4 is larger than the Flip 3, and at 515 grams, has a nice bit of fabric on the speaker, which is not heavy and still gives a firm, strong confidence.

Wrapping with a new sewn mesh, the Flip 4 looks really premium and expensive and has a rubber cover around its edges, helping to hold the handgrip micro USB and Aux ports (and power and app connect buttons), and horizontally.

Good build quality is complete with a subtle and attractive design. While UE speakers generally look more youthful and familiar.

the JBL Flip 4 retains its youthful components with the neon orange JBL logo, neon orange USB cable, contrast-selectable detachable suspenders, and chunky black buttons.

The two bass outlets on either side of the cylinder now give the exterior a glow finish that looks slightly smaller than the Flip 3.

Despite the lack of color, the JBL Flip 4 still looks bright and refreshing and adds to its strong texture.

Satisfactorily, the button responds to the press with a click, and a deep penetration, providing a better response than its competing speakers. This allows you to adjust the volume without looking at it.

In terms of strength, JBL has also improved the water resistance in the flip‌ and the flip4 is now completely waterproof.

With an IPX7 rating, you can swim with it, accidentally drop it into a bucket of water and bathe with it, even if you hate living without music for even a few minutes.

A rubber flap hides both ports, and the rigid construction gives you confidence that you will not damage the speaker if you expose it to water.


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