The importance of Emergency Dentistry Services!

We never know when a dental emergency would occur. Imagine getting into an accident or be struck in the face with a ball! Even a trip or slip and subsequent fall can knock a tooth right out of your mouth. If you are in extreme pain after an unfortunate accident, and can’t wait to book an appointment with your dentist, you need an emergency dentist in Parramatta. On the other hand, if you are in manageable pain, but are unsure of what to do with a broken tooth or braces, a timely appointment with an emergency dentist will prove helpful.

Why emergency dentistry is so important?

If you are involved in an unfortunate accident and hit your mouth, failing to meet an emergency dentist immediately may impact your oral health. In some cases, you might even run the risk of tooth loss. Losing some of your teeth can alter your smile, bite and, most importantly, self-confidence. Hence in emergencies, the better approach is to reach out to dentist in Parramatta right away. Getting prompt treatment has the potential to prevent long-term problems and to avoid other costly treatments.

Moreover, some minor injuries that might not seem like a threat to oral health also have the potential to impact surrounding tissues. Hence it is wise to have these dental problems checked right away to minimise the chances of creating many more problems down the line.

How to determine what qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

Some dental problems or injuries should be attended in a reasonable amount of time. Patients often struggle to determine whether they should contact an emergency dentist right away or wait for their regular dentist to be available.

Soreness in teeth or gums does not qualify as a dental emergency. However, unbearable tooth or gum pain should be attended by a dentist quickly. Besides, tooth damage, losing a filling or crown, knocked-out tooth, are all considered as dental emergencies. To help you out, here’s a list of some of the most common dental emergencies:

– Severe mouth pain

– Broken dentures

– Cracked or chipped tooth

– Partially dislodged tooth

– Sports injuries and vehicle accidents

– Post-dental surgery complications

– Bleeding and trauma

– Severe damage to the tongue, cheeks, jaw, or lips

Does a cracked or chipped teeth need Emergency Dental assistance?

Yes, a cracked or chipped tooth can sometimes be saved by emergency dentists if seen promptly. Moreover, the small cracks in the teeth can attract bacteria and transmit infection.

In dental clinic Parramatta, the dentists use a composite resin that colour matches with the existing teeth to fix the cracks or chips. The resin bonded to the tooth’s damaged portion can keep it in place firmly for years to come.

Hence visiting an emergency dentist immediately after an accident can mean the difference between saving and losing the tooth.

The author is an emergency dentist Parramatta. With a team of professional dentists, he offers a wide range of dental treatments intended to improve dental health and the overall well being of his patients. Visit for detail.

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