The Impacts of Sugar on Your Teeth

“Sugar is bad for your teeth” – Probably you have heard it many times. But, who cares? There are two primary properties of a food that actually cause most dental problems, especially dental decay: sugar and acid. Yes, both are enemies to your dental health. With so many candies, pastries, beverages, and cakes, it is hard to resist eating. But, you can limit the intake of sugary foods.

So what does sugar do to your teeth? Let’s explore.

How Does Sugar Affect Your Dental Health?

Eating too much of foods that contain sugar can have harmful effects on your dental health. We, Americans, consume twice the recommended daily amount, says WHO, and that’s how we mistreat our teeth.

While it is a common belief that sugar is to blame for dental issues, it is not true. Yes, any dentist in Quakers hill will tell you that the real culprit is the acid produced in the mouth when the bacteria in plaque eat away at the sugar. The acid can reduce the overall PH level of your oral cavity and dissolve minerals in the enamel. When the acid attacks the enamel and erodes it away, your teeth are compromised and exposed to harmful bacteria.

So, the less sugar you consume, the lower the acid attacks. This, in turn, reduces the risk of tooth decay and other dental problems. You wouldn’t want to end up visiting the emergency dentist Quakers Hill for unbearable tooth pain due to a decayed tooth.

Effects of liquid sugars

The most harmful form of sugar is corn syrup. Yes, they are very dangerous. This form of sugar is found in most sodas and sugar-sweetened beverages. Consuming sugary drinks are like swishing with a mouthwash that has toxic substances. Sugar gets into every nook and corner of your mouth. When that sticky film sits in your teeth, it becomes the breeding ground for the bacteria, and it slowly disintegrates the enamel of your teeth. The same bacteria causes lead to gingivitis and contribute to bad breath.

Avoiding Sugar Damage to Your Dental Health

Obviously, the best advice is a dentist in Quakers Hill will give you is to reduce the intake of sugar. Switch to alternatives like honey, and they are healthier as well. Avoid consuming all kinds of sugary food as well as packaged juices and soft drinks. Brush your teeth twice and even better after every meal. Floss daily to remove the food particles, which are caught in between the teeth. Visit the dental clinic Quakers Hill every six months for dental cleanings and check-ups.

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