The History of where the best Carrara Marble in Sydney comes from

The history of the Italian marble industry is one of many chapters, as it has gone through years of growth and tumultuous change. The marble industry can be traced back to as early as the Roman Empire, where Carrara Marble was the stone of choice. Even to this day, Carrara Marble is the most commonly used Italian marble. The first building that was constructed and paid by the state in full marble was the “Temple of Jupiter Stator”, a temple dedicated to a Roman god, in 146 B.C

Marble was used at various points throughout the empire with local stones and marbles also used depending on the region and scale of the project. This was in part because of the time and labour costs to move the marble across the empire.

The use of marble and granite did not become prolific however until the Italian renaissance early in the 16th century, with artists like Michelangelo, Donatello and Canova using the very popular, Carrara Marble in many of their various projects, which were typically sculpting with the stone.

It is, for this and other similar reasons, Avant Stone, works and focuses hard on sourcing the best Carrara Marble in Sydney.

It is fair to say that most of Italy’s quarries can be located within the region that is known as the “Carrara Valley”, which is also known as the “province of Massa Carrara.” There are many stones sourced in this region and is the bedrock for the entire Italian Stone and Marble industry.

It was difficult for the Italians to build a large worldwide trade of Stone. Due to the labour intensive process of extracting the marble, this process dated back to when the Romans were exploiting sheer manpower to quarry the stone effectively. The introduction of black powder and other explosives in the 18th century greatly decreased labour demands and the time required to extract the stone. The ultimate revolution in quarrying stone was the introduction of the wire cutter and diamond chainsaw. Not to mention the introduction of roads, railway and other infrastructure networks allowed the marble to be quickly transported and thus the beginning of the now dominant Italian marble industry.

Today the Italian Marble and Stone industry is responsible for millions of jobs worldwide and is concentrated in the province of Verona where hundreds of companies quarry and extract stone and are committed to providing some of the world’s most desirable Marble and Granite slabs.

At Avant Stone, we choose to have our Granite Slabs in Sydney, processed in Italy. Italy is also known as the gold standard for the processing quality in the world. With machinery and processing innovation that continues to provide the world’s highest quality of Stone slabs.

As for this, Avant Stone Prides itself on being the premier marble and Granite Supplier of Sydney, purchasing 90% of our product range from Italy to ensure that customers receive the best in what is available.

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