The Goodness of Carbonated Carpet Cleaning Explained


Clean and dust-free carpet is necessary to maintain the health of you and your family. The two common approaches to Carpet cleaning include dry cleaning and steam cleaning. The latter is found to be beneficial and effective when compared to dry cleaning, as it thoroughly washes the carpet and gets rid of the dirt. But, when you prefer to deep clean your carpet, carbonated cleaning technique, provided by the leading carpet cleaning companies in Seattle, will be the perfect solution that delivers the intended results. Here are some of the advantages of the technique explained below:

Reduced Water Consumption:

One of the downfalls of the regular carpet cleaning method is that it requires excess use of water for an effective clean. Even when the top of the carpet remains dry, the base will be damp or wet for the next few days. This makes it easy for the dust to trap within the carpet in no time. Additionally, conventional steam cleaning methods will use soap products that leave residue behind.

Carbonated carpet cleaning provided by superior carpet cleaning companies in Seattle require a significantly lesser amount of water than conventional steam cleaning. This will ensure that your carpet will dry out in a matter of hours as soon as they are cleansed. Also, carbonated cleaning does not use additives, thus preventing residue in your carpet.

Improved Efficiency:

Traditional steam cleaning method is effective in removing dirt only to a certain extent. However, carbonated cleaning facilities deep cleansing that goes up to the base of the carpet fibers. Carbonated cleaning utilizes bubbles during the washing process. These bubbles will efficiently loosen the dirt lying in the deep layers of the carpet. The dirt will then be pushed from underneath, and as it reaches the surface, the machine will pull out the dirt from the carpet.

Effective in Eliminating Allergens:

As carbonated cleaning is capable of deep cleaning your carpets, removal of allergens is quite easy. Deep level cleaning of carpet will eliminate as much allergens as possible from the carpet. Carbonated cleaning also comes with an effective sanitizer treatment that will protect your carpet from allergens for many months ahead. This is why residents or employees with allergies find commercial carpet cleaning in Seattle immensely useful. On the flip side, steam cleaning will ruin it for people with allergies due to the presence of residue that is left behind after the cleaning process.

Get in touch with a carpet cleaning service that adopts eco-friendly cleaning techniques to ensure the safety of your family and property. Carbonated cleaning is highly effective in not just dealing with allergens, but also cleaning your carpets to make them look as good as new. Talk to the experts of area rug cleaning in Seattle today, and see how they can help you out.

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