The Different Types of Wallcovering

Interior projects come in all different forms. While their purpose may differ, a need for consistency and quality remains same. As with all elements of decor, choosing the right wall covering is a crucial decision.

With aesthetics play a huge role, practicality and function are also key considerations. Today, we’ll be running through the different types of wallcovering available, and why you may use each for your project.

Stretch Fabric

Stretch fabric is a wallcovering where function plays an important role. While aesthetically pleasing, this particular wall covering solution is instrumental in sound management.

Often installed as acoustic wall panels, stretch fabric systems, often known as “fabric walling”, features an acoustic core which is then wrapped in fabric. This fabric offer the front-facing design, as well as aiding keep noise and reverberation to a minimum.

The acoustic core absorbs up to 90% of sounds, which makes it perfect for busy commercial areas as well as niche areas such as music studios. Stretch fabric in London is becoming ever more popular, due to the sleek design and brilliant acoustic properties.

Wall Murals

Wall murals come in multiple forms. This is often known as traditionally painted murals, with artists creating the design directly onto the walls.

However, with new emerging technologies, murals are now often digitally printed and then installed in a range of different spaces. With these new graphic wallpaper murals, any design you require is printed onto self-adhesive vinyl, which in turn is then attached to the wall.

The size and scale of these is often remarkable, with anything from large commercial properties to small city-centre flats using them to add a unique element to their decor.

Due to their size, the importance of proper fitting is key. Finding a professional wallpaper installation service in London is definitely recommended. They’ll ensure a professional finish with seamless joins, to bring your ideas to life.


Then, of course, there’s wallpaper. However, wallpaper is no longer just as simple as the name suggests. The vast range of different wallpapers, from cost-effective to luxury, means endless choice for your interior.

From different fabrics such as silk and suede, to more delicate natural materials such as grasscloth, there’s an abundance of interior design wall coverings ideas out there.

While there’s different materials, the colours and innovation in design has shown no signs of slowing. Intricate patterns make today’s luxury wallpaper completely unique, so much so that each roll is made my hand in some cases.

With such a variety of different wallcoverings on offer, it’s important to consider all of the factors of your project. Choosing the right one is key, and can elevate your decor to an entirely new level.

The author of this article is the leading installer of wallcoverings such as stretch fabric in London and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he explains the different types of wallcoverings available in the market. Visit for more information.

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