The Causes of Engine Oil Leaks and The Tips to Avoid Them

Car fluids play a significant role in ensuring the performance of your vehicle. When you notice liquid spots underneath your car when it’s parked in a spot for a while, then it’s a clear indicator that your vehicle fluid is leaking. Among all the car fluids, engine oil has a significant role to play engine is essential for keeping your car in motion.

Due to the frequent motion involved in the engine components, a lot of friction occurs in this part of the car. Engine oil is used to lubricate the engine parts, reduce friction, and ensure that your car is running smoothly. You must use high-quality engine oil to keep all engine parts moving effectively. Always keep a check on your engine oil level whenever you are scheduling an auto repair in Puyallup WA. In this article, we’ve discussed the common causes of engine oil leaks and what you can do to avoid them.

Causes of Engine Oil Leaks

Damaged Gaskets and Oil Pan

Engine oil added for the lubrication purpose is usually held in by the gasket and oil pan place at the bottom of the engine. Driving your car on rough roads with a lot of loose gravel and other debris can cause damage to this oil pan and gasket set up and causes engine oil to leak slowly. So, when you hire an auto repair in Puyallup WA, make sure to notice any damages in the oil pan and gasket setup to avoid any leakage.

Improper Installation

Engine oil leakage can also be caused by the improper installation of engine components. For example, when the oil pan and gasket are fitted, they must be installed in such a way that the tightness should be evenly distributed. When the setup is fitted too tight, it leads to engine oil leakage. Similarly, a loosely fitted oil filter can also lead to oil leakage as it flows into the engine.

Damaged Valve Seals and Rings

The engine oil leaks in your vehicle can also be caused by damaged valve seals and rings.

How to Stop Engine Oil Leaks?

Engine oil leaks can be avoided by scheduling regular auto maintenance in Puyallup as it helps in the early detection of any damages to the engine parts. Whenever you find a fluid spot under your parked vehicle, call your professionals to determine the reason for the leakage and fix it right away.

The Bottom Line

An engine oil leak is more dangerous and can cause major damage to your engine parts. One of the best ways to avoid car engine oil leaks is to schedule regular auto service in Puyallup.

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