The Biggest Indicators that Its Time to Revamp Your Website

Does your website feel like it was built ages ago? Worrying over bad user experience, outdated content, or 404 errors? Do you feel like your online leads are dried up? Then it’s high time to revamp your website.

Your business website is the strongest tool for promoting products and services, driving sales or conversions, and telling your story. It must have all the essential details that help your visitors understand about you and your business. Here we’ve listed a few signs that indicate that it’s time to revamp or create a new website for your business as listed by the professionals from a leading design agency in Sydney.

Slow Page Speed

The 2018 speed update rolled out by Google placed more weight on speed for mobile searches. No matter whether your visitor traffic is from mobile or desktop, they aren’t going to wait for ages for your web content to load. Slow page speed increases the bounce rate for your website and pushes customers to find an alternative option for your service. So, schedule an appointment with your expert from a web design agency to check and fix the page speed of your website.

It Doesn’t Have Mobile Responsive Features

Did you know mobile visitors make up 57% of organic searchers? And this number is expected to grow in the coming years. When displaying local results for searches that include ‘where’ and ‘when,’ Google’s algorithm pairs mobile-friendly sites with proximity to the searcher. So, don’t wait anymore to make your website mobile-responsive or you are going to miss out a considerable amount of sales and visitors.

No Organic Traffic

Aren’t you getting organic traffic anymore? Then you must focus on fixing multiple underlying technical SEO and design issues to get everything back on the track. By doing this, you can create new chances to engage, showcase your capabilities, and share your story.

You Have an Old Website

There are different reasons that an old website can hurt your business. Some of them are listed below:

– Creates a bad impression on your business

– Outdated security features affect SEO

– Outdated content hurts traffic

– Mobile incompatibility reduces sales and traffic

– Bad user experience

Bad User Experience

A good experience allows the user to move through your website quickly and effortlessly and provides them with the right solution they are looking for. From navigation to how the content is delivered, UX design covers everything that ensures a smooth journey for your site’s visitors. So, talk to an expert from a design agency to fix any navigation blunders or redesign the website.

Are you ready for a rebuild? Then don’t waste your time hovering around your old website but hire a professional to fix the issues right away.

The author of this article is a leading expert associated with a design agency in Sydney. He has over a decade of experience in web design and branding. Visit for more information.

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