The Best Ways to Stretch Your Wedding Flower Budget

From the centerpieces to the bouquets, flowers play a significant role in your wedding décor. If you work with a professional florist, you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve your dream wedding day.

Most florists will be happy to accommodate any budget. They know how to achieve the look you want, and will guide you in making wise choices. Before you head to the flower shop in Baltimore, check these helpful tips.

How many floral arrangements?

You need to first figure out the different types of wedding flowers Baltimore that can be seen at a wedding. There could be large designs for the ceremony, centerpieces for the reception, even tiny accents for the washrooms. And of course, the bridal party have their bouquets and boutonnieres. That said, you have several options, alternate uses, and considerations so that your wedding celebration can be like you have dreamed.

While you want to stick with your wedding budget, an important consideration is the photos. Your guests may not remember how the venue was adorned with flowers. But your wedding bouquet and attendants’ bouquets will live on in wedding photos for the rest of your life to cherish forever. So prioritize a beautiful bride’s bouquet first.

Choose flowers that are season as they are normally cheaper than non-seasonal, imported blooms. Try to reuse ceremony decorations in the reception decor.

Choose greenery over flowers

While a centerpiece full of blooms is beautiful, the cost will vary based on the flowers you have chosen. So, why not add more greenery in your bouquet and centerpieces instead of flowers?

Reuse the flowers

Your bridesmaid’s bouquets will have been thoughtfully arranged in your color scheme and complement the rest of the décor. Why not give them a chance to be seen after the ceremony? Display them in vases on the head table. Place pew decorations on the cake table to make the cake cutting pictures even more beautiful. Speak with your Baltimore florist about repurposing arrangements made for the ceremony. Your florist will be happy to suggest suitable ideas.

The price shouldn’t be the major criteria when planning your wedding flowers. However, these tips and tricks should help you find the best flowers within your budget.

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