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Choose the Right O-Ring: Here’s How

An O-ring is an important component of any mechanical application. It is the O-ring that keeps your machine parts in the place and prevents any unwanted leakage that might otherwise take place in the absence of the circular sealing component. The variety of O-rings in the market is immense and there are different o-ringsfor all kinds of applications. Choosing the right kind of O-Ring for your application can be difficult in such cases.

No two o-rings used in two different applications are the same. There is always a difference of size and material used.Even the same sizes of two o-rings can vary depending on the standards they follow. There is the US Aerospace standard, the UK standard, and the Japanese standard. There are also differently shaped O-Rings that include the circular shaped O-rings, the square cut rings and the quad rings or X-rings. The different shapes are used based on the primary purpose of the usage of O-rings. The quality of O-rings differs according to the material used in the making of it. There are Buna-N, Buna-S, Silicon, Viton, NBR, SBR, Kalrez, PTFE, Aflas, FEP encapsulated, and EPDM O-rings in the market. The desired O-rings can be chosen based on what application they are to be used in and what conditions that application needs to withstand.

The Buna-N O-rings are cheaper compared to the vitol O-rings. Similarly, the prices of different O-rings vary depending on their utility. If the application is to be maintained in high pressure or temperature conditions, Buna-N and Buna-S O-rings which have a rubber base are the best. The O-rings that can sustain liquid pressure and are capable of preventing fluid leaks can be used for petrochemical or hydrocarbon pipelines. Similarly, X-rings with a stronger grip are used in mobile, dynamic applications that are based on the motion of parts supported by O-rings. If the application is aimed at sustaining high-temperature conditions, the silicon O-rings can be used. Similarly, different designs and sizes can be used depending on the orifice that needs to be supported or sealed.

Choosing the right O-ring can be daunting but it’s not that hard even. All you need to be sure of is your requirement and the system you are going to be using them with. There are any O-ring kits in the market that contain all kinds, shapes, and sizes of O-rings for different purposes.

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