The best Ceiling Paint colour for your Home

If you are looking for another way to spice up your home, consider painting your ceilings. The ceiling represents one-sixth of a room, yet it hardly receives anything more than a coat of white paint. Shades of white have been the fixed colour when it comes to ceilings for decades. Most of us aren’t aware of it, but the colour of the ceiling plays a major role in the overall feel of a room, and white is not the only option. Adding bright and energetic colours to the ceiling can transform your room dramatically, giving it a contemporary look.

When looking for ceiling paint colours, keep in mind the purpose of the room and the look you wanted to achieve. Are you hoping to make your master bedroom intimate and cosy, or, to make a small living room seem bigger? Whether it is your living room or your child’s bedroom, you can find the ceiling colour that can fit your purpose with the help of house painters Sydney inner west.

How to choose a paint colour for your ceiling?

Generally, ceilings that are lighter when compared to the sidewalls feel higher while darker colours can make the ceiling feel lower. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the room will feel cramped and confined. Visually lowered ceilings can make a room feel intimate and cosy. When choosing wall colours, you should also consider the strength and sources of light the room receives during the day and night times because light can affect the colour of your walls.

Also, usually, ceiling paint finishes are flat, but a satin or eggshell finish paint can offer a hint of a reflective sheen. This can brighten the space. So, if you are using a darker colour, you can try any of these ideas. Keep in mind, if you want to achieve a glossy finish, make sure to find the best painters Sydney inner west, since higher sheen paints can call attention to surface flaws.

Contrasting sealing colour:

By choosing a contrasting paint colour for your ceiling, you can dramatically change the perception of the space. Contrast hues can act like a reflector bouncing light down into the room. For a high contrast effect, go for shades like blush pink, charcoal grey or sky blue. These shades can make a statement. If you are looking to create an impactful ceiling, you can go for a dark base and then use a glaze of the same colour over it. The glaze can soften the dark base and reflect light, preventing your ceiling from overpowering the room. For more ideas, talk to painting services Sydney inner west for they can help you find the right colour that matches your home and style.

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