Tasty Corporate Catering Menus For Your Event

A corporate catering company is usually preferred when businesses organise events and are looking forward to offer high-end refreshments to its guests. The main purpose of organising a corporate party is to strengthen your business contacts. Hence it is essential that the corporate events catering Sydney strive to complement your endeavour. You might require a creative marketing tactic when dealing with hard-headed corporate clients, therefore having a well-hosted buffet helps ease things to an extent.

Are you looking for corporate catering menus that will satisfy the tastebuds of your guests? Here are a few tasty corporate catering menus, which are sure to please any of your invitees.

Lebanese BBQ

The Lebanese BBQ offers an authentic touch to your menu. Customise your BBQ options based on the guest’s preference. The most preferred choice is the Lebanese bread with Greek salad and sliced BBQ potatoes or beef sausages, lamb/chicken breast skewers with a special garlic sauce. Check with the corporate BBQ catering Sydney, if all the BBQ meats will be cooked fresh onsite. Don’t accept any precooked meat items for your corporate events.


Arrange for traditional American style burgers at your corporate event. You can include great fillings like – American beef burger, peri-peri chicken burger, Tropicana burger, or a breakfast burger with egg, bacon and BBQ sauce. This option is budget friendly, and sure to please your guests. Check out from the corporate caterers if they cook these mouth-watering burgers onsite. If they do, hire their services directly, without a second thought.

Finger Foods

Finger foods are the perfect way to kick start a party. Since no forks or spoons are required, your guests can easily pick-up these party foods. You can get meat sambouski, kibbeh balls, oregano pizzas, mini vegetable pizzas etc., for the finger foods.


Kebabs are also a perfect party food, especially when spiced up and served with appropriate grilled veggie sides. The most preferred corporate menu option among kebabs is chicken, beef, bread, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickled turnips, jalapenos, cheese and tabouli with the right sauces. You can also include hot chips and salads to this menu option.


Check with your corporate event caterer if they could offer gourmet woodfire pizza at your place. If they offer, then don’t miss out, include them to your menu option. Just sit back, relax, and watch your guest enjoying hot pizzas. You can arrange for Traditional pizzas like – Margherita, Capricciosa, Hawaiian, Pepperoni etc., with some good add-ons and platter.

Corporate lunch catering Sydney ideas for corporate events has the ability to influence the visitor’s experiences with your business. So, be very thoughtful of what you add to the menu!

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