Super White Dolomite – Brilliant Choice for Benchtop

Most of the house owners expect the appealing look and feel impacted by the installation of the countertops. However, quartz, marble, granite are beyond the price range. People are looking for an alternative material that is affordable and durable. Today, alternative kitchen countertops are available at relatively reasonable prices. The Super White Dolomite Sydney is the durable and affordable alternatives as it provides a classic finish that resembles the high-end benchtop materials. Of course, all the countertop materials come in a range of colours, but the most elegant and eye-catching of all is the super white Dolomite stone.

An overview of Dolomite stone benchtops

Dolomite is a natural, unique stone that offers not only the aesthetic appeal of marble but also the durability of granite. Moreover, super white dolomite cost is affordable than granite and marble. Dolomite stone benchtops are recently gaining its recognition for their uniqueness and the benefits they offer. Installing a dolomite slab in your house can ensure that your interiors will stand out and be remarkable and unique for years.

Like most of the natural stones, dolomite is porous and has to be sealed to prevent staining. Even though it performs better than true marble, it can get scratched and etches. So, you need to consider the maintenance if you are planning to install in your kitchen countertop.

Why choose Dolomite stone benchtops over other materials?

Dolomite is installed in the form of kitchen and bathroom countertops in both residential and commercial projects. Since many dolomite slabs come with attractive and vivid veins, they form a beautiful contrast with darker surfaces. Besides, they are smooth and glassy, that makes it easier to clean and maintain.

– Huge selection of elegant shades to choose from

– Resistant to etching and durable

– Easy to maintain and clean if sealed properly

– Pearly and glassy appearance

– Affordable and inexpensive material

They also offer an ideal surface for storing utensils, kitchen appliances, etc. that makes dolomite as an ideal choice for any part of the house. Besides, it can offer various benefits if it is incorporated in various places in your home. Although dolomite is harder than marble, it is softer than granite and provides the perfect balance of durability and visual appeal.

If you are planning to renovate your interiors or building a new one, consider installing dolomite benchtops to boost the look and feel of your dream house.

NihilRawal is a director of Avant Stone, the leading marble slab supplier in Sydney. To find out more about Super White Dolomite Sydney, visit

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