Super White Dolomite – An Affordable Option for Your Kitchen Countertops

People tend to choose Quartz, Marble, and Granite for kitchen countertops because of its appealing look and feel, especially those living in homes that feature a contemporary styled kitchen. However, these materials are expensive, and beyond the price range most consider affordable. Today, there are alternative stones are available at affordable price for kitchen countertops, benchtops, and floors. Yes, Quartzite and Super White Dolomite Sydney are the most affordable and durable alternatives available for countertops in the market.

While both the materials have a striking resemblance to high-end kitchen countertop materials and come in a range of shades, the most elegant and eye-catching of all is the super white dolomite.

Super white dolomite – An overview

It is a sedimentary rock and found underground throughout the world in sedimentary basins. It is formed when lime mud and limestone come into contact with the groundwater, which is rich in magnesium. While dolomite is similar in composition to limestone, both are widely used as a construction material. Through dolomitisation process, the magnesium found in the groundwater transforms the calcite into a harder dolomite rock. This is one of the reasons why dolomite stone benchtops durability is higher than most of the other materials. It is available in a range of shades, including pink, green, grey, colourless, brown, and super white.

The appearance of super white dolomite is glassy or pearly, and it is pressure, and heat resistance, which makes it an excellent choice for commercial kitchen countertops.

The Super White Dolomite is the durable and affordable alternatives as it provides a classic finish that resembles the high-end benchtop materials. Moreover, super white dolomite cost is affordable than granite and marble.

Why choose Dolomite for your kitchen countertops?

Dolomite slabs are widely used in the form of kitchen and bathroom countertops in both residential and commercial properties. Dolomite can last a lifetime and provides a stunning appeal compared to other stones available for kitchen countertops. In fact, dolomite slabs come with attractive pastel veins, which enable the manufacturers to form a beautiful contrast with darker surfaces. As dolomite slabs are smooth and glossy, it is easy to clean and maintain. Besides, dolomite provides an ideal surface for storing utensils, toiletries, and kitchen appliances, which makes dolomite countertops an ideal option for any part of the house. There are several good reasons to choose super white dolomite for your kitchen countertops, including:-

– Extremely durable as it is resistant to heat and etching

– Naturally smooth and glossy surface

– If properly sealed, easy to clean and maintain

– Available in a wide range of elegant hues

– Dolomite stone comes in polished, semi-polished, and horned.

Super white dolomite is indeed the best option for your kitchen countertops. Speak to your stone supplier to choose the right pattern and colour.


Please note this is not to be relied upon as advice or any form of representation in relation to the properties or performance of the above listed product(s). This is solely for promotional purposes; please consult your stone specialist prior to selecting or purchasing any of the above listed product(s).

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