Suffering From Back Pain? Here’s How Physiotherapy Can Help

Back pain is a common health condition that affects many people at some point in their lives. Pain killers can help relieve the symptoms and reduce the pain. But, they do come with side effects. So, what’s the alternative to deal with the back pain? Well, there is no better option than physiotherapy Perth for back pain. Physiotherapy can reduce pain and restore mobility.

The Physiotherapist Perth will use a range of techniques and treatments to reduce the back pain and help avoid surgery to treat your back pain.

What Are The Causes Of Back Pain?

– Ruptured disks

– Arthritis

– Skeletal Irregularities

– Muscle or ligament strain

– Osteoporosis

– Disc Herniation

What Are The Risk Factors?

– Lack of exercise

– Improper lifting

– Obesity

– Age

– Diseases

– Psychological conditions

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Early diagnose, and treatment is the key to reducing back pain. Physio Perth is considered to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of pain, stiffness or pain in the back. As physiotherapy treatment focuses on exercise, mechanics, and posture, it helps to improve symptoms quickly and reduces the chance for recurrence.

The Physiotherapist will personalise the treatment according to your health condition by thoroughly examining and analysing the probable causes of your back pain. If you seek out a physiotherapist as soon as you get the back pain, the treatment will be extremely effective. The longer you ignore the symptoms, the harder can become to treat. Based on the examination, the physiotherapist will offer a range of treatment options such as:-

Manual therapy

Physiotherapists will use some of the hands-on techniques to relieve the symptoms and improve the movement of the joints and muscles of your spine.


Certain exercises are back-friendly and can help to restore motion and decrease radiating pain. Even if your pain is chronic, don’t fret; Physio Perth can help. Your physio will teach you the right strengthening exercise based on the severity of the condition. They also focus on progressive strengthening exercises that focus on core stability and endurance.

Low-Impact Aerobic Conditioning

Low impact aerobic exercises are effective for long term pain reduction. Walking, bicycling, and swimming can keep you physically active and help to maintain your weight.

Taking pain killers or using other methods can reduce pain but don’t fix the reason. In order to treat back pain, the root cause should be identified. Talk to your Physiotherapist today.

The author is an experienced Physiotherapist in Perth. With advanced physiotherapy techniques and evidence-based care, he diagnoses, treat, and prevent a range of health conditions. Visit for more details.

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