Sudden Drop in Website Traffic and Ranking? Here are 4 Possible Causes

Your website acts as a medium between your business and customers. As things go digital, several people rely on websites of businesses to purchase products or to learn more about a service. A website also lets visitors know if the brand is worth spending their time and money on. The traffic your website receives is a direct indication of how well your business is performing in the digital space. According to an Albuquerque SEO expert, a sudden drop in traffic is caused due to the following reasons.

Redirects are Broken:

If you are making changes to your existing website, migrating to a different server, or launching a new website, you would notice a drop in rankings and traffic. This can be resolved by setting up 301 redirect.

A 301 redirect will notify search engines that a specific web page or your entire website has been moved to a different address. This also takes your website visitors automatically to the new address. Remember to update your Canonical tags, XML sitemaps and other relevant links while setting up a 301 redirect.

Decline in Social Media Activity:

We live in an era when social media is a prominent part of our lives. Social media also has a huge influence on website traffic and Albuquerque SEO. If your brand isn’t active on social media, or you haven’t posted anything in a while on Facebook Instagram or Twitter, you will notice a drop in traffic.

By following trending hashtags, responding to customer queries, and frequently promoting your product or service, potential customers will visit your website and improve traffic gradually.

Poor Website Layout:

Web design is an integral part of SEO. If your website layout is not SEO friendly, chances are your visitors won’t be interested in your business. If your web content is well organized and easily navigable, your visitors will stick around and take the time to learn more about your product or service. Good web design and faster load times can resolve traffic issues to an extent. Try split testing different website layouts to see what gives you the best results.

Server Problems:

Another common problem faced by websites is the inability of servers to handle all the incoming traffic. If the servers frequently go down, you lose the opportunity of making more conversions or gaining customers. An Albuquerque SEO company recommends checking your server logs and testing the URLs using Google’s Fetch and Render tool. Investing in better servers will also minimize these issues.

Other Reasons:

-Google penalized your website

-Too many ads placed on website

-UX change in Google’s search pages

-Changes in ranking algorithm

Get in touch with the best SEO services in Albuquerque, should you need more assistance in improving rankings and traffic. They will analyze your website, identify the cause of traffic decline, and resolve it in a jiffy!

The author is an Albuquerque SEO expert who frequently writes about the latest SEO trends for various online blogsites. This article describes some of the common causes of quick drop in website traffic. Visit for more details.

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