Stylish and Functional Large Bathroom Design Ideas


Your bathroom is a standout among the most critical parts of the house, where you get the chance to unwind, invigorate, and restore. So, consider giving a new life to your bathroom before 2020 starts with bathroom renovations in Blacktown. Whether you are looking to freshen up your large bathroom design or create a brand new one, there are plenty of ways to imbue spaciousness and functionality if you design right. The great thing about large bathrooms is that you have more freedom to be creative and add style and function to your bathroom.

Taking inspiration from this article could be your first step towards assessing your next bathroom project.

These prolific and heartening ideas will make your home look elegant and pleasing.

1. Make Use of Natural Colours for Cabinets and Furniture

Natural coloured furniture and cabinets will be great additions to the large bathrooms. White, beige, and woody tones blend well with most tiles colours. This enhances the look of your bathroom.

2. Adequate Storage

Create more storage spaces in the bathroom during bathroom renovations in Castle Hill! You can use open walls for wall length storage cabinets and shelves where you can organize your bathroom and cleaning supplies. It is one of the best and easy ways to avoid clutter in a large bathroom.

3. Add Flowers and Plants to the Bathroom

Adding plants and flowers in your bathroom will be a great decoration for your bathroom. You can make use of ornamental plants. If you cannot take care of a live plant, you can also add an artificial plant, which gives the same effects.

4. Innovative in Mirrors

Large bathroom? A full-length mirror is a must in a large bathroom! Mirrors not only open up your spaces and complement the lighting, but also complete the look of your bathroom. So consider a full-length mirror with an apt frame.

5. Decorative Materials

Your decorative material could be anything from tiles, glass, or stones, but keep it simple. Keep things simple in decorating your bathroom, so your bathroom does not look too crowded. Consider choosing decorative materials that complement the others and blend- with other bathroom elements.

6. Functional Accessories

You can improve the order and functionality of your bathroom by adding functional bathroom accessories in the right places. Those basic items can make your bathroom a whole lot more user-friendly. Some of them are,

– Toilet paper holders

– Soap holders

– Mirrors

– Towel racks, and more.

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