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Montecristo Cigars have a lot of greatness in their history. They are renowned the world over for the excellent tobaccos they use in their construction as well as for their smooth draw, even burns, and also for the matchless smoking experience they offer. There’s more than one critic out there that will tell you that the finest cigar he’s ever smoked is a Montocristo – and they certainly have the history and repute to back up a claim of that nature.

Montecristo also proudly owns a rich and storied history going all the way back to the 1930s, when Alonso Menendez purchased a factory with the vision of creating the world’s finest cigars. At the time, it was customary for a reader to keep the torcedores entertained as they want about their somewhat tedious though critical jobs. To keep their minds on task and prevent them from becoming hypnotized by monotony, a reader at the factory took up the custom of reading The Count of Monte Cristo – the magnum opus of Alexandre Dumas – to the rollers.

Maybe it was just because the book was so long that it could be read many times over without ever repeating too much on itself, but one way or the other the practice became so associated with their cigars that the cigars themselves took on the name that is now so internationally famous – Montecristo Cigars.

Therefore, Montecristo Cigars have multiple layers of quality in their makeup. They are made from some of the finest tobaccos in the world and rolled by experts who have lent them a distinct character of construction that is nearly immediately recognizable to a cigar smoker. In addition, they themselves possess a storied history and moreover take their name from one of the greatest works of literature ever devised and executed by the mind of man. One might say that Montecristo cigars were destined for greatness from the start.

We won’t dive into rhetoric of that nature, however. Suffice it to say that Montecristo Cigars are some of the finest cigars in the world and there’s always something new to be discovered in them even for a seasoned cigar smoker. For that reason, the team at Atlantic Cigar keeps plenty of the most highly acclaimed Montecristos on hand so that you can keep your humidor well stocked.

If you happen to be a fan of Montecristo Cigars yourself, you’ll be glad to see what they offer right on their site at Take a look at their page of brands and you’ll find Montecristo Artisans, Classics, Epics, Espadas, Nicaraguas, Originals, Montecristo Platinums and more.

They’re not just well stocked with your preferred Montecristo Cigars, either. Right on their site you can easily find Alex Bradleys, Gurkhas, Romeo y Julietas, Partagas, My Father Cigars and many more. In fact, they offer so many many of the best cigar brands in the world that we won’t list them out here – there’s no point. Just visit their website and their page of brands and see for yourself.

Atlantic Cigar can offer you much more than just these finest cigars in the entire world. They offer them all at rock bottom prices. Their vision was to offer fine tobaccos at the lowest prices around, and that’s just what they do. In addition, you can get all of the accessories you need right on their site as well. Whether you need a punch or a cutter, a lighter or an ashtray with a stirrup to hold your cigar between draws, you can find it on their site. If you’re looking for something and need a little help, give them a call, because while their prices are rock bottom, their customer service is top flight. Contact them at 800-887-7877 today.

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