Steps to Choose the Right Home Care Agency That Is Right for Your Aging Loved One


Seeing our aging loved ones in fragile health is painful as it is, and most of us would do everything we can to turn back the clock. Sadly, we cannot, so we will naturally opt for the next best thing. That is doing thing that make sure our elderly family members have a comfortable life. But, the sad truth is, no matter what we do without professional experience, we can’t satisfy and comfort our aging parents or grandparents! So, it is essential to hire the right home health care agency that specializes in elderly home care Seattle.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring professionals for taking a good care of aging loved one is, they offer in-house service. Basically, for all of us, the home we lived in carries years of happy memories as well as the household and personal items that are linked to our life’s journey. So, caring your aging parents or grandparents in the house zone make them feel safe and happy.

But, how to find one of the leading home care agencies in Seattle WA? Probably this is your question now. Here are some simple steps listed to find the right home care agency that is right for your aging loved one.

Step 1: Ask for recommendation for caregivers to your family and friends

Step 2: Assess your in-home care needs, and check with the caregivers

Step 3: Know how much you can afford to pay for caregiving assistance, and approach an in-home care agency based on your budget.

Step 4: Short list the home care agencies in Seattle WA that comes with your needs and requirements.

Step 5: Finally, interview the in-home care agencies, and finalize one home health care agency.

Qualification of the Best Home Care Agencies

As a responsible part of the community and an ‘Equal Employment Opportunity Employer’, the caregivers should pursue state and nationwide verifications that include:

1. Random Drug Testing

2. Fingerprint record checks

3. Communication & Interpersonal skills

4. Employer verification

5. Criminal background checks

Their caregiving service should include,

1. Personal planner

2. Companionship

3. Specialized health care

4. Light housekeeping

5. Regular commutation

6. Personal assistance

The Bottom Line

Are you looking for one of the best home care agencies in Seattle WA? Look no further than A Helping Hand Homecare! As an award winning home care provider, A Helping Hand Home Care focus on enriching the lives of clients in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

Each year, their professional caregivers complete 12 hours of continuing education specifically geared toward the needs of their clients. If anyone looking for home care jobs in Seattle WA, contact them for upcoming training dates and times. Because, they believe that only the best education will facilitate the best client care.

The author of this article is specialist in offering elderly home care in Seattle . In this article, he discusses the steps to choose the right home care agency that is right for your aging loved one. To learn more, visit

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