Sprinkler Irrigation System – Know The Benefits!

Sprinkler irrigation is a method of providing rainfall-like irrigation to the crops. Water is distributed through a system of pipes usually by pumping. Spray heads at the outlets distribute the water over the entire soil surface. The pump supply system, sprinklers and operating conditions must be designed to enable a uniform application of water. Buying irrigation supplies in Perth from a reliable store will be highly beneficial. Here we have mentioned a few benefits of Sprinkler irrigation system.

Aesthetic Benefits

– A good sprinkler system is almost never seen. That’s because the optimal time to water your lawn is in the early hours of the morning, which your sprinkler system controller will automatically take care of.

– Lawns that are watered properly by an in-ground sprinkler system from Perth irrigation supplies look healthy and green, greatly increasing the curb appeal of your property.

– Water while you’re out of town: Summer is a popular time to go on vacation. Just because you want to get away doesn’t mean you should be punished with a yellow lawn when you return. Automatic sprinklers eliminate the need to ask a neighbour to water your lawn for you while you’re out of town.

Financial Benefits

– You’ll save lots of time by not dragging around a hose as you did when you previously watered your lawn manually.

– Since a sprinkler system uses just the right amount of water, you can save money on your water bill when compared to manual watering.

– A well cared-for and beautiful lawn with an in-ground sprinkler system can increase a home’s property value by an average of 15%.

Environmental Benefits

– The cooling effect of an average size lawn is greater than a typical home’s central air conditioning system and also traps tons of airborne particulates.

– Healthy turf has an advanced root system that protects from erosion and runoff.

– A healthy and well-watered 50’ x 50’ turf area will absorb carbon dioxide, ozone, sulphur dioxide and other greenhouse gases while producing enough oxygen for a family of four.

– Modern sprinkler systems from irrigation supplies use sophisticated moisture sensors, water gauges, and timers to ensure only the amount of water your lawn needs is delivered. Such irrigation systems are designed to NOT waste water. In fact, they save water when compared to imprecise manual watering.

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