South Lakes Gifts sells unique party candles in Boston, MA

Behind every good party is a good party planner. One of the best party suppliers in Boston is the South Lake Gifts. Their website showcases their bestselling candles, cards and party decors for every celebration you can think of.


How South Lake Gifts started their business?


South Lake Inc. is a sister company of Charming Gifts Co., Ltd.—which is a world-class handcraft provider that has its own product design studio, run a manufacturing facility, and an efficient sales team. In 2019, Lane and Mary decided to share their ingenious gift ideas with more people around the world, hence SouthLake Inc. was founded in March 2019 based in Boston, MA. We carries the same mission, which is to offer unique inspirations to celebrate every memorable moment with you.


South Lake Gifts prides itself on its wide variety of party supplies in Boston. Their array of party decorations have cool, fun, and trendy designs ranging from banners and table wares to party hats and cardholders. Indeed, South Lake Gifts is every event coordinator’s ideal party partner when it comes to celebrating special events–be it intimate or grand. Their gifts and party décors are tailored to fit according to your special events such as christening, birthday celebrations for adults and kids, festival decorations, and weddings.


They are also known for their one of a kind birthday candles in Boston. In fact, they have different candles available for themed events. Most of their candles are hand-painted one by one by their team of artists. Behind every design made by South Lake Inc. are stories of inspiration from a circle of families, close friends, and tight-knit communities which makes every celebration a treasured one.


If you are looking for unique party candles in Boston, South Lake Gifts got you covered. They have amazing novelty decorations for every possible celebration there is. One of their best products is the realistic candles product line with floral designs that would make you look twice to check if they are real! Their realistic line does not limit to flowers only but playing cards and lipsticks as well.


Aside from their unique party candles, they can assist you with wedding gift ideas in Boston. They have scented candles made of bucket of red roses, cute Eiffel Tower, and unicorns for gift giveaways. True to their belief, South Lake Gifts firmly supports creativity, gratitude, and giving back to the community. They carry the same mission as their sister company, Charming Gifts Co., Ltd., which is to offer unique inspirations to celebrate every memorable moment.


SouthLake Inc. is a gift and party décor line with the goal of bringing happiness beyond measure. Our products include wedding and party supplies, festival decorations, birthday gifts, and more. We carries the same mission, which is to offer unique inspirations to celebrate every memorable moment with you.


At Southlake Gifts, we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions on every aspect of our products and service. Reach us at 617-401-5357 and you can email us at

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