South Lake Gifts thrives during trying times

The world-class handcraft provider, Charming Gifts Co., Ltd. has its product design studio, run a manufacturing facility, and a sales team. Their sister company, South Lake Inc. is a decors and party supply company that is based in Boston. They produce all kinds of candles from unique to all natural candles in Boston.

In 2019, founders Lane Fan and Mary Ma were inspired by their family and friends, decided to share their artistic talents and creative ideas with more people, thus giving birth to South Lake Inc. which is based in Boston. They want to be able to celebrate every special moment in your life by providing one-of-a-kind handcrafted items. They have a team of creative artists who does the design and painting one by one.

For more than 14 years, the South Lake Gifts team has come up with over 500 handcrafted products, especially unique party candles. Their line of party supplies also includes birthday candles that vary from simple to creative designs fit for any celebration.

In these difficult times, South Lake Gifts is thankful that they have the support of their family and friends. Large gatherings may not be encouraged but families can still do intimate celebrations with their loved ones.

South Lake Gifts continue to provide party supplies in Boston to liven up your celebrations at home. As a small business, they have some great ideas on how to support fellow local businesses.

With the global pandemic still at large, customers turn to the internet to shop. South Lake Gifts encourages everyone to go and shop for their favorite local businesses online.

South Lake Gifts is present on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. They also made their products available on some of the biggest platforms like Taobao, WISH, Amazon, Jingdong and Alibaba. Every like and share on social media posts matters as it reaches as wide and far as you can imagine.

When you buy items online, make time to leave a positive comment on the shop’s post and write a positive review. Post photos of you that show your favorite brand’s items on social media and tag the brands. Instagram Stories and Facebook’s My Day are also interesting platforms to maximize as well as TikTok.

Refer them to a friend and it goes a long way. The oldest form of advertising—word of mouth—still stands true.

South Lake Gifts is still optimistic that all small businesses will survive the global pandemic. You may get in touch with them through +1 617-401-5357 or email them at


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