Some Wisdom about Wisdom Teeth!


The third molars, which typically appear between the ages of 17 and 25 are named wisdom teeth. At the age of 6, we get our first set of molars and the second around the age of 12. In most cases, people get four wisdom teeth, one in each quadrant of the mouth. However, some get no wisdom teeth at all. If you visit your dentist regularly for a general check-up, he might be able to see where your wisdom teeth are erupting. However, there is no guarantee for how these pesky teeth will behave.

Why these teeth are called Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth will not make you smarter. They are called so because they usually come when you are old, around 17 to 21. Generally, you get 4 of these teeth as part of a complete set of 32 adult teeth.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth growth?

The symptoms of wisdom teeth growth include facial swelling, bad taste, pain in the mouth, and also swelling of gum lines at the back of the mouth. However, these teeth can erupt without causing any symptoms at all. They remain silent for a long time. Your dentist can identify these teeth with an x-ray at an early stage.

Why most of us undergo wisdom teeth removal Melbourne?

There are so many reasons why the dentist suggests wisdom teeth removal. These include:

– Swelling and tender gums due to the food debris caught under the gums that cover the wisdom tooth.

– Frequent bacterial build-up and plague because of its position in the mouth.

– The side-facing and backward or forward facing tooth in the jaw.

– Tooth decay as a result of awkward positioning of wisdom tooth against adjacent teeth

It is always appropriate to consult with your dentist and come up with a proper plan regarding removal of wisdom teeth Melbourne because all cases are different.

What are the possible problems that may come if we ignore Wisdom Teeth?

Dentists often recommend wisdom teeth removal as a precautionary measure as they could cause problems in the future.

– Plague and bacterial build-up around a tooth that is partially erupted

– Before wisdom tooth comes in, the sack of tissue in that area will grow into a cyst leading to bone loss in your jaw.

– If the tooth is impacted or under your gums, it can destroy adjacent teeth by eating away the roots of adjacent teeth.

If you have any concerns like wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne, aftercare, preparation for the procedure, don’t hesitate to discuss the topic with your dentist.

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