Some Incredible Properties Of Cannabis Can Boost Up Your Sex Life

National Survey of Family Growth study has revealed that cannabis users have more sex than those that do not use it. While more research is needed in this line to ascertain why this happens, cannabis users report that they are experiencing better sex. Here we discuss some desirable properties of cannabis that can boost up your sex life.

Cannabis relaxes you
One of the most desired effects of cannabis on people is its capacity to relax them significantly. Studies show that about 37 percent of cannabis users depend on it for relaxing themselves. Cannabis is also found to be effective in alleviating anxiety. Especially those that are experiencing sex-related anxiety can immensely benefit from the Mountain View Cannabis Calgary. Taken in the right dosage, cannabis can help you enjoy sex better by focusing more on your partner while indulging in sex. Nevertheless, do not forget to avoid high amounts of THC as it can increase anxiety. At the same time, you must use CBD products in conjunction with small amounts of THC to get optimal results.

Cannabis promotes intimacy
While taken in moderate quantities, cannabis can enhance the feeling of intimacy between couples. A study involving over 180 heterosexual couples has found that those regularly using marijuana products two or more times per week has revealed a positive connection between use of the herb and heightened feeling of intimacy during sex. When taken in moderate dosage, cannabis is found to enhance cognitive functioning resulting in lower inhibitions. The release of endorphins in the blood stream makes you feel good.

Cannabis sharpens perception
It is an established fact found through several researches that cannabis can heighten the sensory perception. Cannabis products with high THC content can interact with the areas of the brain like olfactory bulb that are connected with sensory perception. These regions in the brain bind with THC receptors resulting in an enhanced awareness of the surroundings and a highly improved sensory input on the whole. On account of this, the five senses including the sense of smell, taste, hearing, touching and seeing. Once you both are under the influence of cannabis, you are sure to become more aware of each other during the moments of sexual intimacy.

You must contemplate on the fact that sex happens in your mind before it is realized through the body. Sex is more emotional and mental than just physical. It is necessary to take some time to prepare yourself for an involved and top rated sexual experience. Sexual foreplay, interacting with your partner in several meaningful ways and creating the required mind-set can go a long way in enhancing the sexual experience.

Points to remember
Timing and dosage are important criteria that decide how cannabis can impact your sexual life. Researches are yet to submit their conclusions on how cannabis can impact the sexual drive and experience. Nevertheless, frequent cannabis users agree with the fact that they experience an improved feeling of relaxation, intimacy while indulging in sex and a heightened sensuality.

It is very important to remember that cannabis can impact different people differently. How you experience the effect of cannabis on you depends on your tolerance level, for how long you have been using the herb and other factors. Hence how cannabis works with your sexual experience can differ from how it works with your partner.

Do some experiment with yourself and find out what works best for you. Micro-dosing with edibles and oils is also a viable way to experiment the effect of cannabis on you especially when you are a beginner. If you are new to cannabis, talk to your partner openly about the experiment you are indulging in so that you both can give your bit to get the best of cannabis.

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