Some facts you probably don’t know about your Wisdom Teeth!

Like your first heartbreak and puberty, the process of getting third molars removed is one of those cumbersome rituals that most of us undergo. The third set of molars that erupt during the later age is also called wisdom teeth. However, why do we have these molars when they cause only problems? Continue reading to find more about the teeth—the last tooth most of us get as adults.

Wisdom teeth have not served a reason for years now:

For prehistoric people or our ancestors, diets included raw roots, meats, leaves, and other foods. Those were usually hard and sticky foods. Strong teeth were required to cut up these hard foods, as well as dismember, catch, and eat the foods. Having these extra molars was a huge plus. Since then, as people evolved, we now have a more sophisticated menu. That means we don’t necessitate those extra teeth to consume hard foods and survive. This is one of the reasons why dentists often recommend cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Wisdom teeth cause more problems than good:

The third molars typically come out between the ages 17 to 25. Though it is different from individual to individual, frequently these molars cause a lot of troubles when they appear. For most of us, when our jaw is so small to accommodate them, the wisdom teeth grow impacted being unable to break through their gum line. Some people’s molars will only partially emerge through the gums, which can cause a flap in their mouth. This flam can trap germs and also act as a breeding ground for them.

This can lead to infections and other oral problems. Impacted molars can cause damage to adjacent teeth, cysts and infections. An additional problem with these teeth is that they are positioned far back in the mouth and so are hard to clean. This can increase the risk of bacterial infection and tooth decay. By undergoing wisdom teeth removal Sydney you can put off these problems and more.

The number of Third Molars varies from individual to individual:

Yes, some of us get only one of these molars, while others have four, three, or none at all. In rare cases, a person can get more than four molars as well. In such occurrences, the extra teeth are called supernumerary teeth. Genetics play a major role in how many third molars you may get. According to researches, minimum 53% of people will have at least one wisdom tooth come in. If you haven’t got any wisdom teeth, you don’t have to worry. Also, that doesn’t mean they are not there. Sometimes these molars won’t be visible. In this condition, an x-ray of your jaw can confirm if you have wisdom teeth under your gum line.

Now that you know well about your third molars when your dentist suggests affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney, go for it to avoid potential problems.

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