Solving The Myths Surrounding The Cannabis Infused Beverages

Producers are now giving THC and CBD in several new forms and hence the users can now hope to experience the herb in many novel ways. This trend has given rise to new cannabis users and has also met the needs and expectations of the seasoned users. However, one form of cannabis namely cannabis beverages continues to be a highly misunderstood topic to this day.

The challenges surrounding the making of cannabis beverages
Drinks have been a part of most cultures around the world. Beverages are commonly shared between friends during parties and events. Soda or alcohol are widely consumed in social circles and there is still a taboo surrounding the consumption of cannabis beverages. Studies show that around 35 percent of cannabis consumers look at infused beverages as alternatives to alcohol. What prevents cannabis from being looked at as a viable option among beverages is the structure of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. These molecules do not dissolve in water easily. Hence the most processes of making cannabis beverages end up leaving some unpalatable globs of cannabis oil, in adequate absorption, poor taste, the need to shake the drink vigorously and drink it rather quickly. Such issues impact the positive experience the users find in consuming Mountain View cannabis beverages and hence there is a wide spread reservation among the users in opting for them.

Advancing technology brings an answer
Technological innovations have helped solve the challenges surroundingthe manufacturing of cannabis beverages. The most advanced nano-emulsion technology helps encapsulate the molecules within micelles (micro-spheres that can be suspended in a drink which will never separate or suspend in course of time). Cannabis beverages manufactured on this technology will neither taste strangely nor exhibit a strange texture or smell.

What the advanced nano-emulsion technology has achived
Nano-spheres are highly soluble in water. They can be very easily and quickly absorbed. These drinks can kick in the effect in the users within 10 to 15 minutes of consuming the beverages as against the 60 to 90 minutes of time that edible will require to produce an effect. The nano-emulsion technology significantly enhances the absorption of THC. The existing regulations pertaining to the beverages allow a maximum of 10 mg THC per unit. Several makes of the drink will centre around 2.5 mg of THC per can. The high you experience from cannabis beverages can resemble what results from the intake of edible in many cases. Hence the level of commitment is something that you must always remember. Though you will come across some alternatives with regard to the levels of THC in beverages, the right approach is to start with square one irrespective of your experience with the edible.

What to expect from cannabis beverages
The different kinds of cannabis beverages you will find in the market can be grouped under two heads namely wet cannabis beverages and dry cannabis beverages. Dry beverages cover tea bags, K-cups and crystals that can be added to drinks as desired. Wet beverages include soda, sparkling water and distilled mixes. Usually people view mixes as they would view a vodka or rum, which are liquids that are added to beverages and cocktail to bestow a special effect to them. Most of the products you will find under this category will feature highly unique and desirable flavours in addition to the information regarding the strain of cannabis from which it is taken.

The widening prospects
The cannabis beverages segment is fast evolving with the invention of newer techniques and processes. With the growing demand for it, there are chances that cannabis beverages will move into alcohol as well. The highs expected from the alcohol beverages are quick, consistent and highly predictable. Given this, says are not far when we shall see highs will get much better with a large number of Canadians lifting up their glasses to Legalization 2.0.

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