Solar Power to charge your Renault Electric Car!

Until now, vehicles relied on fossil fuels for power. Now, they are being rapidly replaced by electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric cars. Popular car manufacturers like Renault are also promoting a switch over to electric vehicles. Renault is both a leader and a trailblazer when it comes to fully electric cars. They promote the development of electric motoring by offering a comprehensive range of electric vehicles that are both increasingly efficient and readily affordable. However, these electric cars still face a problem with energy availability as they rely on energy from hydropower, biomass, and wind turbine for electric power generation. For people who want to improve their carbon footprint and save even more money with their EV, it is possible to power the Renault charging stations with solar panels.

How to use solar panels to charge my EVs?

If you have already installed solar panels on the roof of your house or is planning to install one, it is vital to note that it cannot store electricity. Saying so means that whatever they generate should be used immediately either to power appliances in your home or sold back to the grid. To efficiently charge your electric vehicle with solar panels, you should install a PV inverter unit and a home charging unit that converts solar energy into DC for the vehicle. Many of these systems are available in the market, and the price range of each varies depending on the valve of the wall box you choose.

How long does it take to charge my EV using solar power?

This totally depends on the type of panels installed on your roof, the amount of sunlight and the type of charger you have. On sunny days, the panel on your roof can generate more electricity. However, in most models, you can plug-in the Renault car charger at night, and your car will be fully charged in the morning.

How much energy does my EV need?

It depends on the vehicle you own. Before deciding on the size of your solar power energy system, determine how much electricity your car will need. Besides, by knowing your cars mileage rating, you can quantify the amount you are saving by switching to EV.

Loaded with this information, you can work with your solar panel installation that will generate sufficient power to cover both your Renault electric car charger and home needs. If you are not ready to make the investment in both EV and solar at the same time, install a solar PV system that can grow as your electricity usage increases.

Determine your future usage:

If you have decided to invest in solar panels and an electric vehicle, here is a pro tip for you. If you know that your electricity usage will increase in a year or two, build a system based on your future electricity usage. This works not just for your electric car but also for any other changes or additions you make to your house that will raise your electricity usage. You can extend your solar energy system to cover your future electricity needs.

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