Small Space Landscaping Ideas


You have got a beautiful house and friendly neighbours. What you don’t have is a big yard. When you hear your co-workers talk about owning a giant lawn and mowing are you thinking about what you would do with your space to experiment with landscaping. With smaller yards landscapers Sydney can help you with better designs, so you don’t have to wonder anymore. Landscaping is not just for people who have a lot of land in the back of their house. Here are some small space landscape ideas to try to give your property a new look.

Vertical Gardens:

Having a small yard doesn’t mean that there is a limit with gardening. It is merely a matter of growing and not out with a vertical garden. The vertical garden has become a popular trend with many wall planters off-the-shelf solutions for example you can let grow your plants and flowers vertically without having to sacrifice space or soil.

A dash of colour:

Putting bright colours on the view can make even a small yard seem much more prominent. This is because the vivid colours grab attention first making the rest of the space appear dull, and thus it looks larger. To achieve this effect, you should plant some colourful flowers or add colours to an outdoor wall turning it into something more eye-catching. You can talk to expert landscapers Sydney for better ideas in picking up colours.

More privacy:

If you don’t have a big yard adding privacy fencing can make your property more hemmed in. Instead, you can grow plants along the property line either trees or shrubs for creating a sort of living sense. Your yard will blend well with the surrounding properties giving you a much lovely view. Experts at landscaping companies can help you decide the best way of planting.

Don’t ignore this area:

Do you have a sidewalk in your property which extends out from your backyard? Don’t let this valuable small piece of land go waste. The side space can be more than just space where you keep trash cans. This space can be used as a home for a miniature garden or a place to host small outdoor gatherings as well.

Keep things simple:

It is easy for a small yard to get cluttered fastly and they become overwhelmed. Keep things streamlined and simple by adding only a few decorative items. This philosophy should cover your lawn fully as well. Keep your lawn learn well maintained also try to encourage kids to not to leave their sporting equipment or toys lying around.

If you are looking for more suggestions, you can talk to expert landscape architect Sydney who can turn it to a beautiful landscape no matter how big or small your space is.

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