Slurry Ice from Slurry Ice Machine 101

Slurry ice from the flow ice machine is a pump, able fluid comprised of millions of minute ice crystals suspended within brine. It is also known as liquid ice or flow ice that is most used for chilling and refrigeration of fish species derived from both marine and aquaculture origin. In traditional brine chiller systems, crystals forming inside the solution would block or damage the system. But, with the unique type of ice-making technology, slurry ice or flow ice machine product the slurry ice as much needed without any issue.

Advantages of Slurry Ice

The main advantages of slurry ice are as follows:

The complete coverage of the fish surface, which reduces dehydration and oxidation events

– The reduced physical damage caused to the fish surface by its spherical microscopic particles

– It’s faster chilling rate as compared to other chilling techniques, due to its higher heat-exchange capacity

– The sub-zero storage of the fish material

Additional Benefits of Slurry Ice Machine


– The slurry ice machine covers a wide range of temperatures and applications

– It can be produced in a broad ice fraction range

– It can also be produced from many different types of brine

Lower Energy Costs:

– This type of commercial ice machine will cool with smaller temperature differentials, using less energy when compared to blast freezing.

– It cools product rapidly with shorter dwell times

Easy Handling:

– The use of the ice machine will significantly reduce handling costs

– It can be pumped directly to the point of use

– It has the flow characteristics of a liquid

Better Quality:

– Because of the soft and fluid nature of the crystals, you can prevent product damage during handling

– The flow ice eliminates weight loss due to dehydration

Rapid Cooling:

– The product freshness get improves

– Completely surrounds the product without air pockets like other forms of ice

– Has a significantly greater heat absorption capacity (1 pound of 30% slurry ice can have up to forty-five times the cooling ability of water)

– It has superior energy transfer capabilities.

Use of Slurry Ice

Slurry ice is commonly used in a wide range of cooling and storage of fish, poultry, produce, supermarkets, industrial cooling processes, packaging, air conditioning, and other perishable products.

Final Recap

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