Site Structure mistakes and tips to avoid them!

If you take your users and SEO seriously, you will be probably working on the site structure. However, setting up a decent site structure can be challenging. Plus maintaining the structure can be even harder, especially when your site is growing. With all the new pages on your website, it is easy to neglect something or make a mistake in your site structure. In this blog, we will share some common site structure mistakes and tips from the SEO specialist to avoid them!

Hiding your Cornerstones:

Here cornerstones refer to your most relevant posts that should not be hidden away. Cornerstone posts are the contents that you are most proud of and those that most clearly reflect the mission of your website. Some people, however, forget to link to these contents and that is a site structure mistake you should avoid. If a post gets no or only a few internal links, the search engines, may not find and value it, as they follow links. As a result, Google will regard these contents as less important and rank them accordingly.

So, what’s the solution? Firstly, make sure to link to your cornerstone contents. That means mention them in your other blog posts that are related to this topic. Also, ensure these cornerstone contents are easy to find for your visitors. Ideally, you must be able to navigate to your cornerstone contents in just one or two clicks from your homepage.

Not using Breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs are a significant part of nearly every good website. A breadcrumb is a small text path, usually positioned at the top of a webpage. It indicates where the user is on the website. These little navigational supports don’t just tell searchers where they are on your website, but also helps search engine work out how your website is structured. This is why it makes a lot of sense to add these helpful little pointers.

However, some people don’t use breadcrumbs on their website, which is one more mistake when it comes to site structure.

The Solution: the solution is simple, add those breadcrumbs. There are many ways to add breadcrumbs to your website. If you need help talk to SEO agencies Sydney that can handle everything required to add your breadcrumbs to your website and to get them ready for Google.

Using too many Tags:

Be wary of the tags you create and ensure you tag your posts correctly. If all your posts receive one or more unique or new tags, you are probably overdoing it. You are not adding structure, as posts don’t become linked or grouped.

The solution: This site structure mistake can be fixed easily. Make sure the tags are used more than once, and that tags should group posts that belong together.

Site structure is a crucial aspect of any good SEO strategy. Did you encounter any of the mistakes listed above? Talk to experts in SEO Sydney and stay on top!

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