Sigrist AquaDMS- Your Chlorine Analyser to Measure the Chlorine Level in the Water

Sigrist AquaDMS is the chlorine analyser that is used for measuring free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide. This measuring system includes everything needed for disinfectant measurement: instrument, sensor, assembly and wiring – pre-mounted on a measuring panel. For measuring free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide or Ozone, a double gold sensor is used, for measuring in brine, a special graphite-platinum sensor is available. Temperature and flow are guarded by a further sensor, which additionally can be used for grounding. Sigrist AquaDMS control unit with touch screen operation includes an automatic sensor cleaning, one analogue output and alarm relay, one digital input, and an input for the measurement and temperature. Optionally, a system with the integrated pH-measuring electrode is available, which compensates pH fluctuations. And the complete system is pressure-resistant up to 6 bars at 20°C.


Potentiostatic measurement of one of the following parameters

1. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

2. Ozone (O3)

3. Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)

4. Free Chlorine (HClO, hypochloric acid)

Specifications- Measuring span

1. Chlorine Dioxide: 0 .. 20 mg/l,

2. Free Chlorine: 0 .. 20 mg/l

How Sigrist AquaDMS Help You?

Sigrist AquaDMS eliminates the need to send water samples to a lab and gives the technician precise and immediate control over chlorine levels so that they can be adjusted if necessary.

The process removes coatings of organic and inorganic material from the sensors to provide zero point stability and no drift, delivering a precise reading of chlorine levels every time. Its automatic cleaning function eliminates the need for the product to be manually cleaned with chemical additives, saving both money and time. The mechanism also allows installations to benefit from the convenience of longer calibration cycles. The efficient and fast analyser will enable you to measure chlorine levels within the water in real-time directly. The free chlorine in water treatment measurements will get affected by pH and temperature, and so an optional pH electrode integrates into the product. Input is also available for temperature as well as digital in and out.

Additional Factors of Sigrist AquaDMS

1. Fast results, measurement is directly made in the medium

2. Stabilised water flow

3. Complete, pre-mounted measuring panel: mounting – water connection – measure

Sigrist AquaDMS Maintenance

When it comes to Sigrist AquaDMS maintenance, you no need to spend your time and money a lot. All sensors are equipped with the automatic sensor cleaning function ASR®. The cleaning interval can be chosen freely and is at least 24 hours:

1. ASR® eliminates coatings of organic and inorganic material (limestone, fat, iron- & manganese oxides, etc.).

2. Long calibration cycles.

3. No chemical additives are necessary.

4. No manual cleaning is necessary.

Wrapping Up

Are you in the industries where the water’s Chlorine level should be measured often? Consider making your purchase on Sigrist AquaDMS or Suntex ProChlor to measure the chlorine level in the water is a knowledgeable choice!

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