Signs Your Air Conditioner needs servicing!

If you have lived in Australia for long, you know how essential a reliable air conditioning installation Northern Beaches is during the hot summer months. Keeping your air conditioner in optimal condition will guarantee your comfort throughout the year. If you are concerned about your air conditioners ability to cool your home, you must schedule AC service before summer arrives. However, sometimes it’s easy to say when your unit needs emergency repair, but other times it is hard to know what to look for. Here are some warnings signs that indicate you have to look for air conditioning service Northern Beaches as soon as possible.

Restricted Airflow:

If your air conditioner is not giving a significant amount of cold air or if the air isn’t circulating effectively throughout your home, it needs to be checked. This glitch can be due to a number of issues, like clogged filters or blocked ducts. Getting the AC unit serviced will help find the cause of the limited airflow and help fix it.


Excessive moisture around your air conditioning unit can be a serious problem. It can be a sign of leaking refrigerant. Any time you see drips, leaks, or wet spots, call air conditioning repairs Northern Beaches to take care of your air conditioner. Repairing the leaks will ensure your air conditioner works to its fullest cooling potential.

Strange Sounds:

Some noise from AC is normal, but if your AC unit has been rattling, squeaking, grinding, popping, or hissing, it has to be inspected. Though some of these sounds don’t signify a serious issue, a skilled professional should have a look at the unit to decide what needs to be done.

Odd Smells:

Your air conditioning unit shouldn’t produce any odd smell. Its ultimate purpose is to dehumidify and cool your home. However, if you do smell something smoky or foul, turn your unit off, and as a general rule, we recommend calling an air conditioning specialist for service immediately. Avoid the danger of fire by being cautious and maintaining an appropriately operating air conditioner.

Sky-high Energy Bills:

If your electricity bills have been soaring recently, your air conditioner may be the prime suspect. Especially, if the unit was operating fine the previous year, but this year’s electricity bills have spiked, that is a good sign you need your unit looked over. Decreased cooling and excessive energy costs can be fixed by having your air conditioner repaired and serviced. When your air conditioner runs effectively and correctly, your energy bills should be more sensible. To save money and have a cool, comfortable house for future summers, make sure to do preventative maintenance and repairs for your air conditioning unit.

Don’t let your summer air conditioning service needs escalate into costly emergency repairs. Contact professionals now and schedule an air conditioner service to check its performance today.

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