Signs That Indicate It’s Time for a New Paint

If you believe that your home’s exterior paint will last longer, you are wrong. Yes, the chances are high that this won’t happen.

It goes without saying how the weather can take its toll on any exterior space. No matter how well you maintain your house or office, paint jobs inevitably wear down over time. While many prefer to repaint their house or office due to personal preference, some signs indicate your old painting is wearing down and requires a fresh coat of paint.

It is essential to check your home’s exterior regularly and look out for signs of deteriorating paint. Remember, a paint job that lasts is important to keep the curb appeal high and save money.

What causes the deterioration of exterior paint?

A typical paint won’t last more than 10 years. The fact is your house is exposed to a range of weather that causes paint deterioration. The sub’s persistence, Humidity and moisture, Organic Growth, and Salt and Air Pollution are the major reasons.

What are the signs that indicate it is time for fresh interior paint?


A good paint job will have the same colour consistency on the walls. Discolouration is a tell-tale sign that indicates the walls need a fresh coat of paint. Different things can cause inconsistent colours. Maybe some areas are frequently exposed to UV rays than others, causing it to fade quicker than other areas of the wall. Perhaps the walls are affected due to moisture and humidity, causing discolouration. Whatever the cause of discolouration may be, a new paint job goes a long way toward enhancing the curb appeal of your house or office.

Flaking and cracking

It is common for a paint job to crack and bubble over time. This is often caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays and humidity, and moisture. Bubbling, cracking, and flaking paint are the obvious signs that indicate a fresh coat of paint is required to restore the appearance of the paint to a good condition. If you see the signs of flaking and cracking paint or the formation of bubbles under the surface, it’s time to call in professional house painters Chatswood to paint the walls.

Shabby appearance

A worn-out appearance indicates an old paint job, causing your building to look dull and shabby. In such a case, a simple power wash or cleaning methods won’t restore it to its original condition. Applying a fresh coat of paint helps to enhance your home’s exterior appearance.

Rotting wood

If you notice rotting wooden surfaces in your building, it is essential to hire professional painters Chatswood to inspect your walls and get it painted.

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