Should you Install Fire Detectors in your Commercial Building?

Every business owner, no matter the industry sector they work in, should be aware of the fire risks within their workplace. As any fire department would advise, in a fire emergency, even a few seconds could save lives. Hence every organisation must take steps to prevent fires and install systems to alert workers if a fire event occurs.

Fire detectors are designed to sense fire or flame and provide an alert for a particular area of the building. However, the type of fire alarm a building needs depends on its layout and age.

Did you know according to the Australian Development Act of 1993, larger buildings that fall into class 1 and class 2 buildings require a commercial type fire alarm system.

Placement of Detectors:

As discussed above, the placement of fire detectors will vary depending on the layout of the building. Consideration must be given to any part of the workspace where a fire could start and spread unnoticed. This could be a basement or a storage area that is not regularly visited.

You should also pay attention to the areas that are not in use. This is because fires that develop unnoticed can pose a serious threat to the workers.

Moreover, proper installation of a fire alarm is vital so that the detectors will operate efficiently, and the alerts can easily warn workers in case of a fire. Work with experienced fire safety system providers who will evaluate your facilities and determine the best locations to install fire detectors. Not only should the fire detectors be installed and working correctly, but the staff should also be trained to understand how serious the alarms are in an emergency.

You should also be cautious in choosing the appropriate type of detectors for the premises to be protected. For example, some buildings need gas detectors, while some may need a heat detection solution. Hence it is best advised to consult fire authorities about what you propose. This can help ensure the system is appropriate to the circumstances of the workplace.

Fire Emergency Plan:

Many businesses often ignore the importance of responding to fire alarms, but everyone must take appropriate action immediately when a fire is detected.

In addition to installing fire detectors, businesses should also have a fire emergency plan in place with key personnel who are fully trained to handle emergencies.

Every second matters during a fire accident and any delay can result in property damage, injury, and even loss of life. This is why it is vital to consult with the best fire detector providers for the best advice on the type of fire detector systems that will best suit your building.

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