Should you install Artificial Grass in your Residential Property?

Love the look of lush green grass but don’t have the skill, patience, and time to maintain it? There is always fake grass to turn to that looks as good as a natural lawn. Artificial grass can be laid in any part of the house, exteriors or interiors, and you can enjoy the visual benefits of greenery no matter the location or size of your home. Artificial grass for pool area and walls is also getting popular!

Synthetic grass has been gaining popularity recently for being eco friendly as it doesn’t need fertilizers, water, or mowed. Moreover, the latest generation of artificial grass often looks good enough to fool us into thinking it is natural.

What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a type of faux grass that is made from synthetic fibres. Earlier, Artificial grass for school playgrounds, sports grounds, where famous, but today it is widely used in residential properties. It is now seen in poolside, walkways, patios, or even inside the house. It offers the look of natural greens without the need for heavy maintenance. Let us now take a look at some pros of artificial grass.

As good as natural grass:

When it comes to looks, artificial grass looks like well-manicured grass. Natural-looking varieties are now available in the market, making it almost impossible to tell artificial grass from natural ones unless closely inspected. With the change in seasons, while natural grass tends to change colour, artificial grass will remain the same year-round. Being pet friendly, Artificial grass for dogs is also a great idea.

Has decorative value:

Artificial grass is flexible and can be laid out anywhere, for instance, between the driveway strips, walkway pavers, or on the walls. This way, you can add greens to different areas of the house and increase the property’s visual appeal.

Low maintenance:

Although artificial grass installation is a significant investment, its life cycle cost is lower than that of natural grass. That is because it requires no trimming, fertilising, mowing, watering, or addition of pesticides. You don’t have to invest in expensive garden tools or hire a gardener. When compared to natural grass, artificial once helps reduce water usage and also looks great all day.

Of course, artificial grass can collect debris, dust, and pet hair. Spraying them down with a hosepipe every month will help. As synthetic grass is stain resistant, it makes cleaning up way too easy.

A lawn is a beautiful, emotional thing like a swimming pool, and it has an emotional value. It can make your garden look serene and beautiful. Available in an array of colours, textures, and blade length, the aesthetic value of artificial turf is invaluable.

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