Should you get the Luxurious new BMW 3-Series?

Are you looking for a small adventurous car? New BMW 3 Series is one such highly rated option which combines plenty of interior space with impressive engine options and a generous suite of features. BMW is the most powerful automobile. There are quite a few reasons to own a BMW. It features excellent performance, fine torque, superb design and indeed a lot of luxury is attached to it. There are three separate body styles the drivers can choose from a high riding sedan, standard sedan, and sports wagon.

Here Are Some Reasons To Look Into BMW 3 Series Deals:

Luxurious, Comfortable Cabin:

On the plush seats of the BMW three series, you will have a relaxing experience. It is adorned with high-quality synthetic leather upholstery. The front seats are highly adjustable, and for enhanced comfort, it can be replaced with sports seat. The spacious interior offers a lot of room for up to 5 passengers to stretch out comfortably even on a long trip. Superior materials include brushed metal and wood grain accents throughout the cabin.

Expansive Cargo Space:

When you pick either the Sports Wagon or the Gran Turismo, you will find some of the best cargo space. The cargo space in BMW 3 series is 25 cubic feet with the seats up. With the rear seats folded, it is more than 50 cubic feet.

Leading Infotainment System:

Also known as iDrive, the BMW proprietary infotainment system has a unique centre control knob that is easy to use and reach. Many people note the iDrive as one of the best Tech systems offered by manufacturers. With the BMW 3 series, you will benefit from the simple navigation menu, fast response and the ability to write with your finger on the touch screen.

Powerful Engine Options:

With impressive several separate power trains to choose from the BMW 3 Series will appeal to drivers of all stripes even though the base model is equipped with 180 horsepower four-cylinder Turbo. The available upgrades include 320 hp turbocharged six-cylinder engine or 240 hp version of the same turbo four. All the models come with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Sedan drivers can replace it with an optional six-speed manual.

Outstanding Crash Test Score:

Designated as the top safety pick, the new BMW 3 Series is one of the safest cars you can buy. It has a 5-star overall crash test testing from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration.

Attractive Shadow Sport Edition:

Do you like black colour? Drivers can give their BMW 3 series a sexy and sleek look with the addition of Shadows Sport appearance package. With this package, the exterior updates include distinctive black gloss grille and midnight black wheels.

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