Should You Buy MG Home Charging Station?

MG electric cars are very popular in the market. The ZS EV comes with an advanced 44.5kwh, giving the car a travel range of 340kms on a full charge. In fact, it delivers 141 bhp and 353 nm of torque. However, choosing the right charger is the key to power your electric car, regardless of the model and make. While MG charging station is a viable option, MG home charging stations are becoming popular due to the various benefits it offers.

In addition to it, the rise of COVID-19 has caused certain changes to electric vehicle driving and charging patterns. Two trends the EV industry is witnessing – a surge in home charging due to the threat of virus and also the growth in the availability of public charging networks. From cleanliness and hygiene to convenience and efficiency, installing ,MG home charging station is a viable option.

Why invest in MG home charging station?


A recent survey shows that, about 53% of EV drivers have reduced charging their electric vehicle in public charging stations than before the pandemic. In addition to it, the drivers also accounted for a staggering 67% decline in public charging compared to pre-pandemic. The survey also shows that 74% of respondents said that they are driving only a fewer mile compared to what they drove before the pandemic. In addition to it, the survey founded that charging at home is jumped to 84% after the pandemic from 75%.

Due to the risk associated with charging public stations as the corona virus could last up to three days on stainless steel and plastic surfaces, it is better to install ,MG Charging station at your home. In the past six months, there has been a steady increase in consumers buying home chargers for their electric vehicles.

It is safe to charge at your home. This is because it allows you to maintain social distancing, and you don’t have to expose yourself to germs and coronavirus.


Charging at home allows you to efficiently and conveniently charge your electric car from your comfort zone. In fact, you can program for charging based on your requirements when you need it. This, in turn, eliminates the trips to taking the car to the public charging stations and waiting time to get the car recharged.

Longevity of battery

Charging MG electric vehicle at home provides long-term benefits beyond safety concerns. Yes, charging at home allows you replenish the battery up to 80% on a daily basis that helps to enhance the longevity of the battery.

Save money

By charging your car at home, you could save money. This is because the public charging station has a pay-as-you-go model and involves per-minute costs, per charging session or per kilowatt per hour, and an idle fee for charging.

As you see, installing ,MG charging cable offers you a range of benefits and its easy to use. If you are looking for MG home charging stations, look no further than EVSE. Please call us for more details about electric chargers.

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