Should I have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Your dentist said you should have your third molars taken out. However, they don’t harm, so you have a question, ‘why remove them?’ You are not alone; keep reading to know more about these teeth. Nowadays, performing oral surgery to remove these molars is a standard practice, for most adults, this has proven to be the right solution to avoid many problems. Still, for young adults, it is not always necessary, though. Some of them can retain these molars.

Preventive Efforts:

Your third molars have erupted, and they cause no trouble. However, just because they aren’t a source of pain, it doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong with these teeth. The teeth could be impacted or stuck below the gums. That means they can’t break through the jawline and into your mouth. Maybe your jaw is too small to accommodate these extra pairs of molars, or the teeth could be erupting at an angle to other teeth. Either case, they can damage the neighbouring tooth if they push up against it.

On the other hand, some dentists suggest affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney to prevent problems in the future. As you grow old, the jawbones below the gums get harder, making your molars tougher to remove.

If you wait, you might have to face other problems after surgery ranging from severe numbness and heavy bleeding to fractured teeth to minor loss of movement in your jaw. These troubles can last a few days to a lifetime.

When is the affordable cost of wisdom teeth removal Sydney needed?

When the third molars cause problems, or your X-ray shows that they might down the line need to come out. Other reasons to get them removed include:

Damage to adjacent teeth: These extra molars can push other teeth in the region, causing bite problems and mouth pain.

Jaw damage: Cyst can form around these molars. If they are not treated, they can dig out your jaw and damage the nerve structures in that area.

Sinus Issues: Problems with the third molars can lead to sinus pressure, congestion, and pain.

Inflamed Gums: The tissue around the wisdom teeth area, can swell and may be hard to clean with a toothbrush.

Cavities: The swollen tissues can create pockets between teeth that promote bacterial growth and cavity formation.

Alter alignment: Impacted wisdom teeth can cause oral issues like crowding of other teeth. It can even make orthodontic treatment to straighten other teeth essential.

Your dentist will take a look at the shape of your mouth and your third molars’ position to make a decision. Your age also plays a role.

Still not ready to part with your third molars? Ask your dentist to explain what he sees with your wisdom teeth. In many cases, you can choose to wait several months before making the decision. But if you notice swelling or have pain near your back teeth, it might be time for affordable wisdom Teeth removal price Sydney.

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