Serving Processes On Holidays – The Must-Know Rules!


Many considerations that most people don’t consider are involved in the task of serving process. The professional process server must be fair, firm, and respectful. While also making the individual they serve to feel calm, the process server must think of their own safety. A process server must be as talented at research as they are working with people, to effectively serve the processes.

How to do your job on a holiday is a consideration much training doesn’t prepare a server for. While delivering papers on holidays, many servers have experienced altercations. Many servers have vented their frustrations during the holidays such as Christmas, Memorial Day, etc. Here we have discussed about the main issues.

Exceptions To Consider

When legal process server tends to hand out processes is when they try to make contact with a potential town skipper. The holiday draw may keep the individuals who most often attempt to evade a process with their families, making them more open to receiving a process.

On the other hand, a significant exception most servers consider is in the case of a child being in an abusive or dangerous situation. Serving the process more quickly could help remove the child from their vulnerable position, so the server is ready to step up and do their part despite the holidays.

General Process Serving During Holidays

The emotional conflict that comes with serving court papers during holidays is enough to encourage most servers to take the time off.

When an attorney or other individual wishes a process to be served during a holiday, premium rates may be applied. This extra rate often encourages them to adjust the time frame of the process.

Many process servers feel that delivering processes during the holidays are bad for families. The people receiving the process should be able to have the time with their family before receiving the summons or other notifications. The servers often wish to use this time to spend with their loved ones as opposed to working.

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