SEO Guide – What is Search Intent and What is its Purpose

Websites of businesses have been an important property in the online world, as they help customers research and learn more about a brand and the products or services that it sells. When a customer is searching for a product that they are looking for, your brand should appear front and center. To achieve just that, you should know what search intent is. Read on, as the Albuquerque SEO experts describe it for you.

What is Search Intent?

Search intent, a term coined by Andrei Broder, simply refers to the real purpose of someone using a search engine. Understanding what the user is looking for and fulfilling this goal is crucial for success.

Search intent could be categorized into three types namely:

•Navigational Searches

•Transactional Searches

•Informational Searches

Navigational searches:

Navigational searches are the simplest form of search and as the name suggests, it refers to the user searching for a destination such as a brand website that they are already familiar with. In this case, the user would require to key-in only one term – the brand name or website.

Transactional Searches:

Transactional Searches are made with the ultimate purpose of purchasing a product or service. Some examples of such queries include “Buy laptop”, “Buy groceries online”, and more. If your website is selling products online, you have to optimize it with the help of Albuquerque SEO experts, so that the search engines will prioritize your website when a user does a transactional search.

Informational searches:

Informational searches are generic and is done when people want to learn more about something. Some example queries include “How to cook pasta”, “air conditioner size chart”, and the like. And with Google’s “People Also Ask” feature found in the search engine results page, it will be easy for you to discover and utilize more keywords that could be used to fulfill your brand goals.

When your website includes the information that the users are looking for, you will achieve better ranks. Serving quality content will also increase the chances of your website appearing on Google’s Featured Snippets that paves the way for organic traffic. Qualified Albuquerque SEO services will help you with this.

Google does stipulate some guidelines to make the most of search intent and how to create the right results. Google defines the three types of searches mentioned above as “Know” for informational searches, “Do” for transactional searches, and “Go” for navigational searches. A leading Albuquerque SEO company should be able to help optimize your website and its content to make sure that your website becomes a part of any customer’s purchasing cycle.

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