Secrets to Organising a Fairy-tale Themed Birthday Party

Are you looking to throw a Fairy-tale themed birthday party for your little girl? Then this article is sure to impress you with great ideas and inspiration to make the party a great success. Kids these days are enthralled with the popular movies, like – Snow White, Cinderella, Shrek, Rapunzel etc. These movies are designed not just to impress the kids, but it attracts young and old alike. So, there is no reason that this theme won’t work! If you are looking to organise your kid’s birthday party with a fairy tale theme, here are a few tips to create an unforgettable party.

Guest List

Carefully plan your guest list. Don’t invite too many people as it will get difficult to manage so many guests at once. Similarly don’t trim down the guest list to a very few either. Keep it moderate and simple. Invite only those people, with whom you correspond on a daily basis, like your friends and extended family.

Ideal Location

After you have decided on the number of guests that will attend your birthday party, choose one of the best party venues Sydney. Don’t be under the impression that you will easily get your desired birthday venues Sydney, even if you book on a short notice. Just like you book for the Sydney wedding venues, you must book ahead of time for birthday parties too! You can choose to set your fairy-themed birthday party in the countryside for a rustic effect. After all, Fairies love to have fun outdoors! The venue must appear majestic, as it will be the main attraction. So, choose it wisely.

Birthday Invite

Invitation is the most important aspect of any party. You can choose an invite that suits your party theme and personality. Try elegant cards with simple pastel colours. Make sure to include all the necessary information like – venue, date, time, dress code etc. Remember, the invitation should capture the attention of your guests, and not frighten them away!

Ideal Colour for the Fairy-tale themed décor

Choose a relaxing and energising colour for the decorations. Green is the most commonly preferred colour, as fairy tale is all about foliage and meadows. After you have fixed on the colour, simply decorate the venue with decorations in the chosen colour. You can use multi-coloured flowers, butterflies, and all elements that will help create the magic of a fairy-tale theme.


It wouldn’t be a fairy-tale theme party without dressing up like – prince, princess and magical fairies. So, request your guests to come dressed in fairy-tale themed costumes. At the party venue, get ready with tiaras and crowns at the door, just in case if anyone forgets.


Since it is a kid’s party, you obviously will have a lot of kids as your guests. So, you can arrange for Bacon, eggs & toast Crumpets, whipped ricotta & berry compote that complements the theme.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you organise your kid’s fairy-tale themed party!

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