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2021 is fast approaching, and as we step into the New Year, webmasters and business owners know that ranking high in Google is more important than ever. Google rankings have now become absolutely crucial to the success of a business. A penalty from Google can decrease your search engine ranking and also significantly reduce your organic traffic, consequently affecting your branding and business.

Keep in mind, Google doesn’t show favouritism to anybody. No matter how well-established, successful, or extensive your company is, if you don’t play well with Google, you will end up with penalties that will greatly impact your search rankings. For instance, Google even penalised Bing once. It removed those pages on the whole from being found in Google Search results.

The consequence was a huge loss of site traffic from Google’s search results. Don’t put your hard-earned money in your rivals’ pocket by getting penalised and losing search traffic. Just follow the simple guidelines below from the experts at SEO Sydney Solutions and protect your site from Google penalty.

Don’t Buy Links:

Links that pass SEO value to your website should look natural. Buying backlinks will almost always harvest you a penalty from the search engine. Don’t expect any mercy from Google if you get caught. It is no doubt that companies that sell link might have an attractive sales pitch, but don’t trust it. If you pay and buy links, chances are you will get caught sooner or later. Furthermore, never believe when they tell you their links are undetectable.

Keyword Stuffing:

If you talk to experts in SEO company Sydney Australia, they will tell you that stuffing keywords is one of, if not the biggest no-no you can make in recent times. Google is aggressively against and penalising websites that stuff keywords for more than a decade. One of Google’s algorithm update, BERT has proved that this search engine giant can now understand contents as well. The update was focused on understanding natural language. Hence, the search engine understands when content doesn’t flow or doesn’t pass the smell test for being naturally written. To avoid being penalised by Google, make sure your contents are written naturally, similar to how you would talk in real life. Also, limit the keyword usage around 2-3% as the standard rule of thumb.

Copyright Infringing or Non-Unique Content:

Google calls these contents as “duplicate content” and takes it very seriously. These include two separate things. Firstly, it keeps webpages that contain matching content on multiple pages from being indexed altogether; that means they will not even show up. Secondly, you can be penalised for posting your own contents in various places such as a guest blog with content simply copied and pasted from your site.

Remember, Google hands out thousands of penalties each month. Among which many are avoidable. Yes, Google penalties are avoidable. It is as easy as having a basic understanding of the rules that lead to penalty and avoiding them. If you are not an expert at handling Google penalty, talk to professionals at best SEO services Sydney.

The author is a blogger. With a team of dedicated SEO specialist, he helps his clients by delivering excellent results, which in turn will generate new business for them. For the best SEO Sydney Solutions, visit for details.

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