School Readiness Programs in Child Care- How can it help your Little One?

Getting ready for school is one of the most important milestones in our little one’s life. They require a strong foundation to start this amazing journey of learning. When we talk about school readiness, it is not just about academics. In fact, children up to seven years learn best through play, and it is essential for their social and emotional well-being. Such skills are needed to be an active and positive learner in the future. School readiness programs offered at Five Dock early childhood centre doesn’t just start with the preschool classroom. It starts from the time your child enters the classroom and learns to say ‘good morning.’ The program aims at making children independent and confident. The school readiness program also promotes interest in young children and assists them in becoming active learners.

The transition from early childhood and elementary school is crucial, so the educator’s here at the early childhood centre will talk to your children and provide the support they need to develop their school readiness skills.

What exactly is school readiness?

School readiness means whether a child is ready to make a successful and easy transition into school. With little planning, it is easy to make kids regularly participate in activities that develop the appropriate skills needed to help optimal learning when they start schooling. Most of us think academics is the only essential school readiness skill, but it refers to a much broader range of skills. Besides some basic academics, school readiness includes self-care, concentration, attention, emotional regulation, language skills, physical skills, and social skills.

Importance of school readiness skills:

School readiness skills let’s school teachers expand and further develop their skills in areas like language, physical skills, social interaction, play, physical skills, fine motor skills, and literacy. Without these necessary skills, if your child enters school, he or she can very quickly find themselves struggling compared to their peers who are advancing more quickly. Children who start schooling with the necessary foundation skills stand alone and shine bright.

Here are some of the skills your child will gain in the school readiness program offered at day care Five Dock:

– Writing their name

– Following rules

– Identifying and recognising their name in written form

– Holding a pencil

– Drawing and writing with control

– Using toilet independently

– Learning the days of the week, seasons, and months of the year

– Identifying primary and secondary colours

– Sharing and talking skills

– Using scissors to cut carefully

– Packing and unpacking their school bag

– Speaking in front of a group

– Learning to ask question

– Following through instructions without constant supervision

– Putting shoes and socks without assistance

– Identifying and recognising different shapes, etc.

As the little one’s practice or even masters these skills, it gives them the courage they need to springboard into learning in the school environment. Thus by sending your child to child care Five Dock, you can make them ready to face all the challenges in school and the future.

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