Sarees Types and Fabrics

Sarees Types and Fabrics

The traditional attire sarees are not just a six-yard material, but it is a magnificent attire for women in India. Almost every woman would love to wear saree themselves at least once. Saree is ethnic Indian attire and most elegant for women. It exposes the charm of a woman and looks wise more elegance, grace and glitziness. Indian sarees can be draped in many ways, it varies from region to region. There is different fabric used and its texture and price differ depending on their quality. Soft Silk Sarees are commonly used for occasions like weddings and other special social gatherings as it has dazzling appeal with elaborate golden borders.

Gujarat, Banaras, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu and Karnataka are a very famous place for weaving or saree making. Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, kasavu from Kerala, Kalamkari from Rajasthan, Patola Sarees from Gujarat, Paithani Sarees from Maharashtra, Banarasi Sarees from Varanasi, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh, Sambalpuri Sarees from Odisha, Muga silk Saree from Assam, Jamdani sarees from Bengal are some of the popular sarees among India. Indian women’s wardrobe collection is complete without these sarees. Few commonly used fabrics are Cotton, Silk, Chiffon, Georgette, Organdie, Nylon, Terrycot, Acrylic, Organza, Tissue, Crepe, Chiffon, Synthetic, Satin, etc.

As the world gets advanced, the styles of saree are also changed in a mesmerizing way. Styles of saree can change but saree can’t replace by other western outfits as they are considering as a traditional way of dressing. Among the various type of sarees, Kanjivaram Sarees comes into our mind when we hear about the word sarees. Kanjeepuram is a village famous for making silk sarees. It is made of pure mulberry silk and it is found in enormous colors, the reason for the vivid color texture of the weaving. The most attractive part of this saree is its design work, which is mostly inspired by god and goddesses in Hindu mythology or from nature.

The Pure Banarasi Silk sarees are very popular for wedding and other occasions. Banarasi silk sarees are designed and weaved at Varanasi. These sarees having gold and silver brocade woven on the good quality of silk and one of the preferred wedding sarees in India. It has the Mughal inspired designs done on it.

Ancient Fashion still followed by Indians in Saree. Sarees are always looking good and elegant for Indian women.

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