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According to Dental Economics, “1 in 4 adults will have lost all their teeth at the age of 74”. Are you considering to get dental implants and is wondering what you can expect in the future? Keep reading to know more about dental implants. Dental implants are aesthetically pleasing and durable. Researches have proved dental implants to be the most long-lasting and cost-effective solution for a missing tooth.

Can I get Dental Implants?

While visiting your dentist, he will examine your mouth, teeth and gums. He will discuss your medical history and dental history. Only then he can analyse and say if you are an excellent candidate to get dental implants. He might also discuss with you the other replacement options. In general, you are a good candidate for dental implants if you:

– Have missing teeth

– Are desiring maximum speaking and chewing ability

– Want to improve your smile

– Have good overall health

– Are interested in long term tooth placement solution

Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants does more than just improving your smile. It significantly improves your confidence and self-esteem. Replacing missing teeth will also give back your ability to laugh, speak and chew with no discomfort or reduced ability.

The gap left by missing tooth can make surrounding teeth to become misaligned or crooked. With dental implants, you can enjoy your life comfortably. Besides, the results you get from dental implants are long-lasting, which requires only minimal maintenance.

Can I Invest In Affordable Dental Implants Cost Years After Missing A Tooth?

Yes, of course, dental implants might be an option. Lost teeth can be replaced with dental implants. The advancements in dental Technologies allows the dentist to examine the jawbone underneath and make sure they are healthy for supporting your implant.

How to maintain my Dental Implant?

Smiling for years with dental implants is possible with good oral hygiene. The long term dental implant care includes:

– Floss your teeth once a day.

– Brush at least twice every day or after every meal.

– Visit a dentist for a check-up at least twice every year.

Dental implants are placed successfully 98% of the time. The dental implants do not only look real, but they also mimic the function of your tooth root. Dental implants are more convenient as they are not removable. It will be fixed permanently on your mouth.

Dental implant does not decay however, the surrounding natural tissues remain susceptible. You should keep the cheap dental implant clean to prevent problems like tooth decay of surrounding teeth and gum disease.

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